Saturday, April 30, 2011

Retaining Wall Fell @ Kuchai Lama

Saw this news in newspaper today, an mud retaining wall fell down after raining, and may cause by nearby construction work...wonder where exactly is this location...

The Whole New World - Post Microsoft Nokia Area


Close to oblivion in 1997, Apple is now the world's second-most valuable company, after Exxon Mobil Corp. On April 20, it reported net income of $5.99 billion for the January-to-March period, nearly double that of a year ago. It shipped a record 18.65 million iPhones during the quarter. Its iPad tablet computers are so popular, the company couldn't make enough.

Apple's ascendancy has produced many losers and a few winners, as underscored over the past two weeks:

-- Microsoft Corp.: loser.

Apple dethroned Microsoft as the world's most valuable technology company a year ago. In its mid-fall report, it surpassed Microsoft in quarterly revenue. In the January-March period this year, it surpassed Microsoft in net income, too.

On Thursday, Microsoft reported that revenue from the Windows operating system declined for the second straight quarter because people are buying fewer Windows computers.

Some prospective buyers are going to Macs instead -- Apple reported that it sold 28 percent more units. Others are going to iPads. Goldman Sachs now believes that more than 30 percent of iPads sold may be replacing PC sales. In the 90s, the trend was the opposite, as Windows PCs were crowding out Macs.

-- Nokia Corp.: loser.

Nokia said this week that it will slash 7,000 jobs through layoffs and outsourcing. It still sells more phones than anyone else, but it's losing share to Apple, especially when it comes to smartphones.

Research firm Strategy Analytics also said revenue from Apple's iPhone sales surpassed that of Nokia's phones in the January-to-March period, as iPhones are much more expensive than the average Nokia phone. That makes Apple the world's largest phone maker by revenue.

To better compete with the iPhone, Nokia is ditching its old Symbian software and adopting Microsoft's Windows Phone 7. But the transition will take time; the first Windows-powered Nokia phones aren't expected until late 2011 or early 2012.

-- Research In Motion Ltd.: loser.

The maker of the BlackBerry is in a predicament that's similar to Nokia's. RIM warned Thursday that net income, revenue and unit sales for the quarter ending in May will come in below its previous forecast.

The company's high-end phones are looking old compared with the iPhone and ones running Google Inc.'s Android software. They aren't selling as well as the company expected.

RIM promised investors that new phones with revamped software will bring sales roaring back in the latter half of the year, but investors are skeptical, sending RIM's stock down Friday.

-- HTC Corp., Samsung Electronics Co. and Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc.: winners, indirectly.

Although all three companies compete with Apple's iPhone, they are doing well. Unlike Nokia and RIM, the three are betting on Google's Android system, which comes the closest to mimicking the look, feel and functions of the iPhone.

Motorola Mobility is a shadow of the old Motorola, once the world's second-largest maker of phones. But its focus on Android-powered smartphones is showing signs of success. It reported on Thursday a near-doubling of smartphone sales in the first quarter.

HTC of Taiwan has been making smartphones for a decade, and sales are really taking off with the help of Android. On Friday, it reported selling 9.7 million in the first quarter.

For South Korea's Samsung, smartphone sales were a bright spot in the first quarter as overall phone sales declined and other electronics were weak. The company is embroiled in patent litigation with Apple.

-- Verizon Wireless: winner.

The No. 1 U.S. cellphone carrier posted a jump in new contract-signing customers -- the more profitable kind -- after it introduced its version of the iPhone on Feb. 10, which ended AT&T Inc.'s exclusive grip on the device in the U.S.

(Verizon Wireless is a joint venture of Verizon Communications Inc. of New York and Vodafone Group PLC of Britain.)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Facebook Update

Hi All

I have disable the Wick Talk - The Blog Facebook Pages. Instead, you may add me as friends if you would like to get update on the posting via facebook. Just search for "Wick Man" with identity below


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Worth A Look: Sentul Prime Mall

Saw this posting in property forum recently, haven't been to the site and not much info on this property yet, but looking at the price, is worth spend time to look into this.

This is what posted in the net.

Property Details:
1. Project type: Mixed Development
2. Title: Commercial
3. Tenure: Leasehold (99 years)
4. Land size: 10 acres (6 blocks)
5. Number of floors: 35 floors (8 units per floor) ==> 6 blocks x 31 floors x 8 units = 1500 units +-
6. Total units (Phase 1): 2xx units
7. Floor Plan: size from 800 to 1000++ sqf
8. Price around RM 300 per sqft
9. 4 storey of commercial shop/retail (Tesco is anchor tenant)
10. Expected to be completed in 3 years upon signing S&P.
11. Right opposite to 1 Sentul Condominium (To be completed by June)

Features and Promotion:
- About 5-6km to KLCity
- Direct access to Duke Highway - 3min
- To Batu Caves - 5min
- To Sentul Pasar - 5min
- Early bird discount (To be confirmed)
- maintenance fees: RM0.20 psf
- Free 1 unit carpark
- Free S&P
- Good for own stay or investment (High appreciation).

Peridot Hilltop Residence sold out during launch

The rm350k bungalow sold out! Well done for those purchased it as is so rare to find such stealing deal in nowadays market, even in Seremban also hard to find such deal.

Peridot Hilltop Residence sold out during launch

Friday, April 22, 2011

Best Job in the Market

Today I am flipping through a China Press newspaper, reading the Klang Valley edition. I am so shock to see there are so many advertisement about new property launch. I think at least 10 advertisement about new launch.

Do you know when stock market is bullish, when earn the most money? The stock brokers, because they earning is based on commission, the more transaction they handle, the more money they earn.

So since property market is so hot now, you may already know what is the best job in Malaysia.....

By the way, the property agent that help me sell my house is a an engineer which she have worked for at least 10 years, whereby the company is famous for paying at least 6 months bonus every year. But she decided quit her job and become property agent last year (good choice :). She share that she can easily sell RM2 millions property per month in current market......Can't imagine how much she earn now every month....

Thursday, April 21, 2011

How To Buy House Like That ??

Residential property led market last year -

“Correspondingly, the price of the ‘average house’ moved to RM199,636 from RM184,574 in the fourth quarter of 2009,” said Napic.

Kuala Lumpur had the highest price level in the country at RM430,163. Selangor and Sarawak followed with RM301,443 and RM253.391 respectively.

Average house price also hit RM300k at Selangor and RM430k at KL, but I notice that fresh graduate pay in year 2000 is still same as today! How to buy house??

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Apa Ini ?

I so happy reading newspaper today that that IC replacement can be done online. Mana tahu when I try to login....see below:

Careful Mr Owner: Con artist who steals furniture from rented houses

Cops looking for con artist who steals furniture from rented houses -

KUALA LUMPUR: Police are on the lookout for a conman who poses as a prospective tenant and then steals furniture and appliances from fully-furnished homes in the Klang Valley.

Brickfields OCPD Asst Comm Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Khalid said the latest case occurred on April 13 when the man contacted a real estate agent on the pretext of renting a fully-furnished condominium unit along Persiaran Syed Putra.
“The real estate agent, who met the suspect at the condominium unit, received a cheque of RM3,600 from him.

“The suspect told the agent he wanted to move in quickly and would sign the necessary documents the next day.

“The agent agreed to this and handed over the keys. However, the agent found out later that the cheque had bounced.
“When he rushed to the condominium, he found that the man had fled with the furniture and electrical appliances inside,” he said here yesterday.

Still Got Bungalow Sell at RM350,000

Suprisingly there are still landed house - bungalow selling at very attractive price, but location need to compromise though....

The Peridot Hilltop Residence, surrounded by lush landscaping and perched up to 250 ft above sea level, offers 66 bungalow lots of various sizes with security features, ranging between 5,200sq ft and 10,700sq ft, and priced from about RM350,000 to RM910,000.

GuocoLand Malaysia launches final release of 66 bungalow lots in Emerald -

The Catalyst: Strong pricing trends and land deals to drive NAV expansion (AmResearch)

Strong pricing trends and land deals to drive NAV expansion (AmResearch property sector update April 18,2011)

  • Replacement costs are on the rise due to escalating land cost as well as rising prices of building materials from timber, aluminium, cement to steel. The recent aggressive bids for land surrounding mature neighbourhoods would solidify the strong pricing trends as land traditionally accounts for between 25-30% of residential prices. And, cement makers including LaFarge had just lifted its average selling price by some 6% in March 2011. The steel companies including Ann Joo and Lion Group are also guiding for higher selling prices this year.

  • The expected re-acceleration in residential prices would also be preceded by a sustained expansion in transaction volume, which is already underway now. Our discussions with developers revealed that demand has rebounded strongly in the past month, as evident from the strong response to recent launches. Buyers appear to have adjusted to the 70% loan-to-value restriction on third property, paving the way for a meaningful inventory liquidation cycle to kick in.

  • Against this backdrop, we expect developers to aggressively step up presales – the primary valuation driver of property equities. There are several prolific presales in the coming months at select prime neighbourhoods that may establish new pricing benchmarks, with an associated uplift to the broader residential pricing trends. Desa ParkCity is set to launch 127 units of ‘terrace’ houses – The Mansions, priced from an unprecedented RM650psf (+8%) on built-up area. At KL Eco City, S P Setia will be launching some 750 condominium units priced from RM900psf

  • Sam Ling would be launching ‘The Mansions’ – comprising 2.5, 3 & 3-storey superlink houses – with prices ranging from RM2.5mil-RM4mil or at a whopping RM650psf on average! Built-ups start from 4,300sf, 6,100sf and 6,500sf for the 2.5, 3 & 3.5-storey units, respectively. This is a gated and guarded hilltop development, next to the most recent launch, Casaman.

  • Tactically, we also expect newsflow centering on the redevelopment of some 3,300 acres of prime land in Sungai Buloh to sustain buying interests on property equities. The said land has high immediate development potential. The accretion to NAVs should be significant for developers. Kwasa Land – the property arm of Employees Provident Fund – is the master developer, which will establish joint ventures with select developers for several parcels

  • We gather that Setia Alam’s latest offerings have been very well received. There are only about four units left for Gardenia – launched in February – a typical double-storey development, with prices starting at around RM600k/unit.

  • Meanwhile, Duta Villa, which was launched about a week ago, has seen a take-up rate of 60%. It comprises 3 & 3.5-storey superlink units with pricing starts at RM1.6mil or on average at RM360psf.

  • The same can be said of Sime Darby’s Denai Alam where the recent launch saw a 91% take-up for its 2-storey superlink units. These were sold at close to RM700k with built-ups averaging at 2,500sf.
==> If this trend continue, 3 Years later, a double storey at Alam Alam place will cost you RM 1 millions !!!!! No eye see.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My friend not going to like this "MBPJ to close FAS tunnel "

MBPJ to close FAS tunnel -

The Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) will close the FAS tunnel near PJU 1A/4F and PJU 1A/4D effective April 22.

The tunnel serves as an access road to the Damansara-Puchong Highway (LDP) and neighbouring areas such as Ara Damansara, Taman Mayang, Taman Megah Mas and Taman Emas.

My friends not going to like this though, as he used this tunnel everyday. Another round of "petition" may happen soon due to this though.......

Our Professional

I wanted to talk about what I experienced in past few days here, is about DOCTOR

My son is not feeling well last few days, I brought him to Pantai Bangsar Hospital, seeing Dr A.

Dr A gave my son medicine X & medicine Y.

The next day, my son still not recover, again I brought my son to same hospital, but seeing Dr B this time as Dr A is not on duty that day. "Surprise" come now.

Dr B: I don't recommend to take medicine X & Y, as it is not suitable for baby.

What The Fxxx !!!

Wick: Are you telling me Dr A gave my son wrong medicine?
Dr B: I can't comment as I only see your son today, but usually I don't recommend any baby < 2 years old to take any medicine. (pause as me and my wife was puzzle by what he said.....)

Dr B: So ok? You ok?

Wick: Of course NOT OK. Two different doctor from same hospital telling different story for same medicine, how can I ok? 

I immediately request to change my doctor and ask for more experience doctor to see us, as I was still puzzled by so called professional told me. After 5 minutes, Dr C come.
Dr C: Ooo...actually for medicine X you still can take it now, but it is not really require as your baby condition is better. While for medicine Y, you also can take, but maybe you should reduce the intake from 2.5ml to 1.5ml.
What The Fxxx !!! Another different recommendation..

Dr C: So what do you think? you think reduce the intake is ok?  
Wick: What do you think I think? How the hell I know? You are doctor not me, don't ask what I think !

My instinct told me I came to wrong hospital, wasting my time and it does not help at all, in summary, good job Mr and Mrs Professional !

Now I am really curious, what is written in those medical books actually? Are all medical books have few variants that's why it produce different doctor that have different opinion on same medicine ???

Ouch !!! So Hot @@!!!

I collected my key from tenant for my Changkat View condo last Thursday, as the tenancy ended. Then pass the key to agent for sale.

You know what, within 1 week, my unit is SOLD ! And SOLD with good price !!

The market is too hot, too hot now. If you have purchased any property few years ago, you may consider to sell now, and you may be surprise how much people willing to pay for that !

Monday, April 18, 2011

Icon City

Two days ago when I passby Sg Way, saw the factory is completed teared down and left with piece of large vacant land. Then saw this announcement in The Star, means Mah Sing will launch this project very very soon. Based on their track record, don't think this will be cheap, some inidication from The Star below, and some new terms I learnt today - SOVO....

Coming soon will be the preview of the SOVO (Small Office Versatile Office)  units, priced from RM570,000 onwards and registration for serviced residences with sizes ranging from 550sq ft to 1,820sq ft, are coming up in May and June/July 2011 respectively

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My New Identity

Fiannly I have my new identity....took me 1 hour explore this new software and created this logo....:)

Which Shop Would You Buy ?

If you were to buy/rent a Shop for running your own business, where would you rent, and what are the "important factor" you looking at, to evaluate whether it is a good buy/rent?

Recently I come across a shop for sales, at Kuchai Avenue Service Apartment. Double storey shop, 20 x 70 sf selling at RM1.2 millions.

This shop can be rent at RM3-3.5k for ground floor unit and RM1.5k for 1st floor unit. The rental income is ok, even though it can help you settle around 80% of the loan amount.

Up to now, I am still evaluating, is it a good buy? What do you think?

Update : Cheras High Tension Cable

Saw another petition again TNB High Tension Cable project at Cheras in newspaper today...

Follow up from previos posting,, it seem like this TNB project started since 2009, to supply power to Kajang area. This project span across 12km area, affected Tun Razak, Connaught, Segar, Permaisuri......

You really have to see yourself, these new alien tower is really tall and high....will try to capture some photo to share here when I visit the area again...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

KM1 Second Block Launch

Dunno how to glue all 4 pictures together...:)


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Seller Market

Nice Article: Malaysia Property portal, Classifieds, Listings, News, Home & D├ęcor

The aggregate of worried people rushing to purchase properties may explain why property prices have escalated above the affordable level of most ordinary people. This kind of market is called a “Seller's Market” otherwise known as the best time for people who own property to sell their property for a good price as there are more buyers seeking for property. The fact is the property prices can fluctuate. Like the stock market, it goes through cycles as well. In general, the prices of properties have already appreciated approximately 20% to 30% over the past two years, and the upside for capital appreciation may be limited. ...

Gradual launch for Sunway Velocity

Gradual launch for Sunway Velocity

KUALA LUMPUR: Sunway City Bhd (SunCity) partly-launched Phase 1A of its Sunway Velocity project — consisting of 112 units of office suites with two levels of retail shops.
Ho said the retail shops below the office suites can enjoy double frontage, as they face both Jalan Peel and the environmental deck at Level 1. These units will be equipped with high speed broadband infrastructure, and there is also convenient access to the shopping mall via the environmental deck.

There are 12 units of the retail shops, with build-ups from 2,051 sq ft to 4,710 sq ft, which are priced from RM2.4 million onwards (Wonder it still available for public.....wish got bullet to whack this). Meanwhile, the office suites — sized between 893 sq ft and 3,864 sq ft — are priced at RM1.2 million onwards.

These will consist of 264 service apartment units, with build-ups ranging from 915 sq ft to 3,208 sq ft, priced from RM600,000 or RM650 psf (Amaya Maluri buyer sure happy to hear this), as well as seven units of the retail shop (with build-ups from 1,593 sq ft to 2,379 sq ft, priced from RM2 million).


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Savanna Bukit Jalil

What are the criteria you will be looking at if you were to purchase a property for own stay purpose (not investment)?

For me, I am looking at few key criteria below:

1. Strategic Location, within Klang Valley, with access to public transport like LRT.
2. Nice condo design, low density and "appropriate" layout, e.g. >12000sf, min 3 rooms and etc.
3. Good security system, with multiple access check point; the more check point the better.
4. Low density, good community and the resident are "well manner".
5. Well maintained, clean, quiet .

Of course ideally there would be more than these 5 criteria, but above those key criteria I am stress on if I would to live there. Up to date, only few condo meet my personal criteria above:

- Park Residence @ Bangsar South
- Sterling PJ @ Kelana Jaya
- Kiaramas Ayuria @ Mont Kiara
and newly added into list is is Savanna @ Bukit Jalil.

Recently I visited few units of condo at Savanna Block B, which are manage by the Korean developer. The developer have renovated those units in good state and it basically is already at move-in condition. Currently they are selling the 1212sf unit at RM588k (with free S&P legal fee).

Savanna is located at Bukit Jalil main road, and very close to the LRT stations (walking distance). The condo have two blocks with 250 units each block, and serve by 3 lifts at each block (which is "medium" density with potentially longer lift waiting time during peak hours). Savanna is guarded with two layer of security at the condo entrance and lift lobby, no further check point beyond lobby.

Savanna come with standard facilities, like swimming pool, gym, tennis court, play ground and etc. The common facilities area is not that "spacious" for 500 units condo. I guess no one can beat Sterling PJ in term of common facilities sizing.
I saw quite a number of westerner and Korean during my visit there, which could further enhance the value of this condo as "luxury condo" within Bukit Jalil area. However understand there are two collages (IMU, APITT) nearby this area and hopefully there aren't much students living here. And I would say Savanna management body did very good job in maintaining the cleanliness of this condo, you can hardly find rubbish in this area. I do hope the same management body will continue managing this condo though :)

Also not forget is this property is come with 3 to 4 car parks per unit, which is something you hardly see in the market. Another added bonus is most of the unit here will have nice golf view from the balcony and master room.

I yet to visit Block A, which is sold directly by Berjaya. For those who looking for a unit at Block A, you better choose those unit closest to Block B; reason is MAJU Express Highway is just standing right next to the Block A. Probably because of the highway, and those unit are standard unit (not upgrade unit), therefore Block A is selling at lower price (RM400++).

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Something Interesting

Do you know that nowadays lecturer/teacher able to check whether the student assignment/homework is copied from Internet or they do their own ?

Do you know that you can rent a day or week for an office space? I know Regus is doing this for their business, but seem like now anyone also can do this business as long as you got spare space at your office/house/SOHO :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

70% Loan To Value (LTV) Ratio

Few months ago, Malaysia government implement a LTV ratio of 70% for purchase of third properties and onward. Some confusion arise due to this new rules, for example:ase

1. If I have joint name with my wife for first two properties, does it means I only can loan 70% max for third property?
2. If my first or second property loan is fully settled, do I limit by the 70% loan rules?
3. If I have sold my first or second property, S&P signed but transaction still in progress, am I limit by the 70% loan rules?

Just have a chat with a property agent today, according to him, LTV rules is calculated based on number of property loan you are serving currently, NOT number of S&P you have your name on it. If his explanation is correct, it means, answer to three question above are:

1. Yes
2. No
3. Not really sure, probably no, as you may show your S&P to the bank when apply for loan.

Please share if you have more information about this new rules ....

Question: Will You Buy This Property?

Just curious, will any of you buy this property that built between low cost flat, assume the selling price is RM300psf at Klang Valley ?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

LRT and monorail stations to be linked

LRT and monorail stations to be linked

Sometimes I wonder what kind of quality a Leader should have? I suppose a Leader should be someone who have vision, foresee what going to happen in near future and able to plan ahead. But why can't our Leader just plan ahead? Built 3 separate system that don't talk (link) to each other, and after so many year, now only they start talking (link). Is it really so difficult to stop for few minutes and thought about this before they start implement project, initially???

High Tension Cable

Last month when I heading to Cheras Connaught, I saw a lot of super tall standing pole along Connaught main road, I was thinking what are all these tower for. After reading the newspaper today, and saw the picture, only realize those are new TNB High Tension Cable. Seem like this project also extended to Old Klang road. I dunno how does it affect the health of the resident, but I am sure it will affect those property price that near to the property.....

Wick Talk on Facebook Now

I just created a facebook page, hope this can improve the communication and notification for any new update/posting

Monday, April 4, 2011


Just to share some photo captured with my phone when I visited Bukit OUG a.k.a OUG Townhouse a.k.a Z Residence area...

Early bird catches the worm (Property industry focus by HWANGDBS Vickers Research; April 4, 2011)

Early bird catches the worm (Property industry focus by HWANGDBS Vickers Research; April 4, 2011)

- Properties near MRT stations tend to fetch 20-30% premium based on case studies. “Is the project near a MRT station?” could well be a FAQ soon.

- As for 2011 sector outlook, residential landed properties could see 10-15% price growth driven by scarcity of land and higher input costs. This is slower than 2010’s 15-25%, due to a higher base and increased supply (should be well absorbed given strong underlying demand for landed properties & accommodative bank lending).

- High-rise developments will likely continue to see lackluster rental growth due to large incoming supply (especially in KLCC and Mont’ Kiara). Capital values however are bottoming out (still 20% below peak), although foreign buyers have yet to return in a big way (rising enquiries).

- Niche developments such as Binjai On The Park luxury condos (with unobstructed view of PETRONAS Twin Towers & KLCC Park) is expected to continue to be the price setter, with recent transactions hitting RM3000psf (+15% y-o-y) and rentals of RM8psf. We also expect keen interest for properties near potential MRT interchanges, as seen from the strong demand for Capers@Sentul East and KL Eco-City launches recently.

- Klang Valley retail segment should see strong rental growth based on recent lease renewals (+10-30%) and improving retail sales. Occupancy rate is averaging ~85% while incoming supply is mainly at the suburbs (mostly pre-let).

- There is a general concern over the large incoming supply of office space in KL which could further dampen rental and push up vacancy rates. Office rental growth has been flattish in 2010 while average occupancy rate has fallen marginally by 1ppt to 92% in 4Q10. The successful implementation of ETP will help attract private and foreign investments which should help boost demand for new office space.

What Happened To The People?

Nowadays everyone is asking, what happened to the property, the price gone up like crazy !!! ???

Actually, I would say what happened to the people actually instead of the property price? Everyone just buy anywhere and everyone......

In stock market, there is a saying that when everyone is talking about stock, it is about time to sell it. Does it apply to property market then?

A colleague of mine who is just graduated for 2 years told me last week she would like to invest in a property. I asked her is she looking for rental income or capital appreciation, she replied: "I dunno". Then I asked her why rush to buy then, she said that "I don't want to miss the chance mar, later 'cao poh' ler".

Another colleague of mine who is type of "conservative" people, whom strictly follow rules and steps at his work. Usually this type of people are those who do not speculate. But, he also start talking about property investment nowadays, and he is looking to buy another house to rent out and earn extra income.

What will happen if this kind of trend continue? Would there me more properties to let than more people who rent the house ? You think yourself lar.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stay Tune ...

Petaling Jaya Commercial Center

Just found out another big scale development at PJ area, by a developer name PJCC

They just completed their futuristic sales gallery below, near NPE towards Sunway direction.

They have 33 acres of land bank, which they plan to build office, service apartment, hotel and retail lot within this area. Will pay a visit to the site soon, as for now I still have no clue where is the exact location of this place :)

How Much Does This View Worth?

How much does this view worth? Or put in another question, how much would you pay "extra" to get a property with this view?

Some people will pay RM100k for this, some RM200k, for exactly same property but with better view like above. How about you?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

About Cheras Maluri

Some write up for Cheras Maluri / Jalan Peel / Jalan Cochrane area. Those who have bought Amaya Maluri will be very happy after reading this :)

The Power of Marketing (Z Residence vs Sutera Maya)

Visited two properties launched today

1. Z Residence by Trinity Group
2. Sutera Maya by Home Flair

Z Residence is located right next to Bukit OUG, beside Kesas Highway. Layout start from 1200-1400++ sf. There are 4 blocks in total, each block have about 300++ units as there are 13 - 14 units per floor, serve by 3 lifts (be ready to grab a book to read whenever you wait for lift). In total there will be 1000++ units. Price wise, about RM340psf, selling from RM400k onwards.

Sutera Maya, located near OUG/Puchong, right opposite Akisama Parklane project. Layout 1300++ sf. There are less than 200 units in 2 blocks, very low density. Price wise is same range with Z Residence.

Personally, I prefer Sutera Maya over Z Residence, if buy for own stay purpose, as the density is lower and more important the access road is better than Z Residence (by comparing two property access road). Z Residence is heavily rely on the future LRT development and enhancement on existing access road. While for investment, both property not really look attractive either in term of capital appreciation or rental.
HOWEVER, TODAY, the crowd is crazy at Z Residence sales gallery, while there are only 1 or 2 people at Sute Maya. I can see quite a number of people rushing to book for Z Residence. Obviously the developer Trinity Group market their property well compare Home Flair. Trinity Group make their launch look much more grand, and their house model look bigger and modern, created good buying atmosphere as the crowd and competition make people look like it this is something should not be missing.

FYI, Developer is expert in heat up the environment until everyone worry they might miss the golden chance :)