Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Z Residence

Received invitation from Trinity Group about their launch for The Z Residence on 1st to 3rd April 2011.

The developer is Trinity Group, in which they have built few condo like Zest at Bandar Kinrara and Heron near Puchong/Cyberjaya side.

This new condo is located at OUG side, have arpund 1000++ units for sales, details can find here

For those interested, I strongly advice you pay the site a visit before you purchase it. Those familiar with Bukit OUG condo and OUG Townhouse will know this location, as this condo is just near the area.

Don't be surprise if you see some cow or goat along the road side :)

Property Groupon

Recently saw the "Group Purhase" advertisement in Chinese Newspaper by this company . Claim able to get 15% discount when buy property, and they depart every Sunday to view the new property launch. Wonder what is the catch behind, do share if any of you join them ya :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Silicon Valley Hiring Perks: Meals, iPads and a Cubicle for Spot

Unbelievable !!!
Free meals, shuttle buses and stock options are de rigueur. So the game maker Zynga dangles free haircuts and iPads to recruits, who are also told that they can bring their dogs to work.

At Instagram, another photo-sharing start-up, workers take personal food and drink orders from employees, fill them at Costco and keep the supplies on hand for lunches and snacks.

Then there are salaries. Google is paying computer science majors just out of college $90,000 to $105,000 USD !!!

And there has been a psychological shift; many of the most talented engineers want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg, not work for him.

At Square, the co-founder and chief executive, Jack Dorsey, who also co-founded Twitter, gives employees 20-minute lessons on topics like how to raise venture capital.

Every employee can view Square’s product plans and financials to learn about building a business. Colleges rarely teach the newer programming languages like PHP, Ruby and Python, which have become more popular at young Web companies than older ones like Java, he said. Other skills, like working with large amounts of data and analytics, can be acquired only at a few companies.

What's Next After YTL Capers ?

YTL Capers is super hot topic last week, SOLD OUT within 2 days.

Honestly, I am not surprise at all it sold out within 2 days, as this kind of good deal is hardly found nowadays. Yes, there are many property launches every week, but those steal value deal is not always available. A lot of property you thought is good deal before it launch, but may turn out to be disappoinment after launch, like Icon Sri Hartamas. But this time, YTL manage to sell it "right", right price, right design, right location and right time.

Those who tempted to buy but still ding dong here and ding dong there, too bad, you miss the boat. Those who have gut to shoot it, bravo !

Good deal don't always come, you need to always be prepare before it come :)

So, enough talking, what is the next good deal coming in the market ??? D2 ? D5 ?

Friday, March 25, 2011

YTL Capers - Update II


- YTL invite VVIP, Staff and Previous YTL purchaser for preview on 25-March-2011
- YTL invite registered public to preview on 26 & 27 March 2011


Someone who is VVIP share his experience in forum on 25-Marhc-2011:

Firstly, my apology to fellow forumers for not being able to accomodate your 'booking' request.

The thing is, the condition to book today is NON transferable, meaning if I do the booking on behalf, my name need to appear in the SPA, you can add names, but the 'invited guest' who book today must appear in the SPA.

Anyway, I'll be honest, I'm one of the so called vip invited to book today, suppose to be a closed preview - but I don't feel so vip today.

This morning, was at Starhill at 9am, by 11am, the was quite a big crowd. Mind you, I was the 5th on the queue.

Past 11am, hell breaks lose, no more queue, the crowd just went it, find the sticker and just HANTAM the price board.

As I recalled, ALL Type C (small units) was gone before the door open!

In addition, there was only 1 unit of Type A1 unit 6, 1567 sqft, faces KLCC, away from LRT track, the rest ALL gone - which I manage to book, but Level 13A, got it below RM 600 psf.

Since not much of choice units, due to pricing, HANTAM another 2 units of 1381 sqft, got it below RM 500 psf. There was a lot of pricing disparity if you look into micro side, same level, same type the price different can be RM 70k.

The low rise is 5 storey, ground & 1st are duplex, 3th - 5th are single level units, size from 1000 sqft, but will be on a premium.

Don't bother for the low level type A1, unit 3A, faces the low rise block, LRT track is very near, but asking psf is tempting.

When I left at about 3pm, left less than 10 units.

Anyway, purely based on psf, I think Capers is better than SV and Trigon....but don't shoot me.


What left for your choice, Mr Public?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Finally It Arrive - Capers (Updated)

Have been waiting for this to launch quite some times....for those who have bullet, I think is worth considering

Info obtain from Internet:
Price: 500-600+ psf
Layout: 867 sft, 1381 sft, 1567 sft
Unit: 6 units per floor. 1381 sf Genting View, 867 sf & 1567 sf KLCC View
Discount: Early Bird 3-5%
Booking: RM30k

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jalan Puchong / OUG

Recently there are a lot of project launched for this area, especially the Jalan Puchonng road linking Old Klang Road and Puchong, as well as OUG.

A forumer uploaded a very good map show properties launch within this area, for those who would like to buy property for this area, you have various choices to be compare :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

New Trick

I notice that nowaday developer become more and more creative, until at one point I start feel that something fishy about their strategy.... Developer now can sell house with just few piece of drawing paper. I remember Empire Damansara project is selling like hot cake, even there is no show house nor a scale down model. Malton - Amaya Maluri and Pacific Place start collecting booking fees even before their permit is approve by the government. Bolton is now selling their Tasik Prima project - The Wharf without any price mentioned, in which they just will provide indicative price. However you are allow to book the unit by providing them a cheque which they are not going to bank in. Heard that Sime Darby is doing the same for their Isola project, which the project is cancel later on. You ever wonder why the developer wanted to do so? For Empire Damansara, Amaya Maluri, Pacific Place, I believe the developer want to catch the train of "Property Investment Frenzy", which is a hot topic for everyone last year. While for The Wharf and Isola, I would think this is a strategy to maximize the developer profit, by testing the market response before they set the final price. Aaii... when developer become smarter, the property price will become higher, the return will be lower for the investor ......

C Cup HK Girl - Part 2

Hacking Your Video Screen with iPhone :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chinese Kiasu-ism and Kiasi-ism Become International Joke

Panicked shoppers stripped stores of table salt in Hong Kong - and in cities across the Mainland China - amid internet claims that it can ward off radiation exposure from Japan. The panic-buying pushed up the retail price of salt to as high as HK$30 a catty, from the usual HK$2. The salt frenzy also hit Macau, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other mainland cities as misinformation crisscrossed the region via the internet in the wake of Japan's nuclear emergency ....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Japanese Ichiban

Recently Japan is hit by some disasters, earthquake, tsunami, then disruption at nuclear reactor plant. Japanese are living in one of their worse post World War II era, they lost their home, running out of food & water, and need to bear with extremely cold weather. BUT, even living in this kind of bad environment, the Japanese still remain calm, order and discipline. Picture below speak all about great Japanese spirit, Ichiban !

How about Malaysian? I just back from Carrefour Mid Valley, quite furious by the act of typical Malaysian who don't like to queue. Worse is the Carrefour customer service officer do entertain those cut queue even though there are still line of people in the queue.

I took LRT to KL town regularly, you will be quite impress Malaysian do queue "some times", especially in those busy and "regulated" station like KLCC. But most of the time in other station, example KL Sentral, you will see the true Malaysian. Those waiting for the train can't even wait for those people to exit the train and blocking all the exit road. That's is truely Malaysian, Kanasai !

Why? Why we are so Kiasu ?

When something is limited, people will fight to get it, and disregards the order and other people interest. For example, Bus only have 20 seat, but there are 40 people waiting for the bus, in this kind of situation, Malaysian will "fight" to get into the bus, while Japanese will queue in line wait for their turn.

To Malaysian, place to sit is so big deal to them, as if like is very big lost if can't get a seat. While to Japanese, it is just a seat, we no need to kill each other for that seat, and Japanese always put public interest in front of their personal interest.

Malaysian like to call each other brothers. But the brotherhood could be just mearly "lips service" or could be real "true heart brother", it can be easily spot when there is conflict of interest between brother, be in money, work, girl, or power.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The World Have Change !

Just back from supper with some generation Y friends, I notice nowaday the way people think and work have been change, compare with my generation.

Older Generation people believe in loyalty, they usually work for one or two company in their entire life.

Generation X people advance a bit, they like job hopping, whoever offer better pay, there they will hop to. Some will do extra part time in MLM, like selling Insurance, Amway, Elken and etc.

While Generation Y people are more advance, they will always look for setting up small business (like Groupon, Groupmore), restaurant, franchise (like Subway, ), Feelance Job (Programmer, Graphic Designer, Editor), Develop Games/Application then sell at Apple AppStore and etc. Working, is just a transition to them before they realize their dream.

Wondering how does Generation Z thinking and way of working like...?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Taman Tasik Prima

Recently saw a lot of news about this area, huge lake, have many facilities and variety of water sports available, developed by branded developer (Bolton, Plenitude ...). Will try to visit the site to appreciate the view and environment ...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Holding Power

Holding Power, is something you need before you venture into Commercial Property. This is the conclusion of my discussion with friends today. Why So?

Mainly because it would take some times (1 year, 2 years and maybe more) for a Commercial Property to become "WONG". Look at Kota Damansara 3-4 years ago, Bandar Puteri 5-6 years ago, Bandar Puchong Jaya 10 years ago. During that time, most of the shop there are either For Sales or To Let.

Imagine the monthly bank installment is RM10k, and if you not able to find tenant after handover, you will need to pay RM10k installment every month from your own pocket for 1 or 2 years; also means you need to spare around RM250k to throw into sea.

However, if you able to hold and go through this "transition period", your property may able to double from RM1.5mil to RM3mil. So throwing RM250k into sea may fish back RM1.5mil big shark within 3 years. Not bad actually.... but this assumption not apply to all location lar, like Ara Damansara after 5 years already still dead.

Let's do a case study for 10 Boulevard at Kayu Ara, completed end 2009, and until now still many units put on sales/rent after 1 year plus. How long do you think this property need to become "WONG" ? And how much will this property price go up to after it become "WONG"?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Woman killed in apartment blaze

PETALING JAYA: The charred body of a woman was found after a service apartment caught fire at Damansara Perdana.

The woman, believed to be a college lecturer in her 20s, was found by the bed in the bedroom of the 7th floor apartment after fire fighters doused the flames around 10.40am yesterday.

“However, she had been complaining to the owner that there was an electrical problem in her apartment,” he claimed.

Other Info: Studio, rented at RM1k per month, I guess this is Ritze ....

This Is So Creative, and is Free !!! - Part 1

Commercial Property

Since government implement the 30-70 ratio for purchasing third residential property, this scheme have impact quite a number of part-time investor (normal workers, who have little saving but not much). Imagine, buying a RM300k property require you to pay at least RM90k as down payment, compare to RM30k last time.

Let's assume we able to make RM100k profit 3 years later, but the capital require to earn the RM100k have increase from RM30k to RM90k.

Since so, why not focus in commercial property then? Since the loan amount can reach 80% for commercial, and you only require 20% down payment compare to 30%?

Just some thought

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Galleria @ Klang Sentral

KUALA LUMPUR: Phase 1 of The Galleria @ Klang Sentral, a lifestyle mall project by Titijaya Group, has hit a take-up rate of 50% since its preview in December last year.

The freehold development, which is connected to Giant hypermarket and Klang Sentral bus and taxi terminal, offers 74 units of 3-storey shops spread over four blocks. Each block is connected to the other by link bridges on multiple levels which allows total exploration of the building from block to block, top to bottom.

Sold on en bloc basis, the units are priced from RM1.35 million onwards for build-ups starting from 4,193 sq ft.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Digital City

March 09, 2011 19:34 PM

Malaysia To Develop Digital City

KUALA LUMPUR, March 9 (Bernama)-- Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim Wednesday announced the development of the Digital City to prepare Malaysia as a supplier of digital services by 2015.

He said the project, to be developed on a 5.66-hectare site in Angkasapuri, here, had recently been approved by the Cabinet and awaiting discussions with the Economic Planning Unit (EPU).

Monday, March 7, 2011

This Is Really Nice !

Come across this new development, at Sri Damansara, opposite Desa Park City

Very nice design, good location, and reasoanable price consider today crazy market price. Unfortunately, heard that there is no way to get a unit even got cash, sold out ! Phew !

Friday, March 4, 2011

Property For Sale

I would like to sell this property, if anyone of you is interested

Condo Name: Changkat View
Land: Freehold
Size: 1100sf (3 Rooms 2 Bathrooms
Condition: Partly Furnished ( 3 x Panasonic Air Cond, 2 x Heater, 3 x Remote Control Fans, Kitchen Cabinet, Rinnai Hood and Hob, Full Height Curtain, Designer Lights)
Level: 12
Facing: Swimming Pool / Club House
Selling Price: RM385k
Others: Those who using Public Bank as loan financier will entile for better discount :)