Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ouch !!! So Hot @@!!!

I collected my key from tenant for my Changkat View condo last Thursday, as the tenancy ended. Then pass the key to agent for sale.

You know what, within 1 week, my unit is SOLD ! And SOLD with good price !!

The market is too hot, too hot now. If you have purchased any property few years ago, you may consider to sell now, and you may be surprise how much people willing to pay for that !


  1. How to buy more properties with limited income, and yet with the new rule set by BNM- max MOF is 70% after 2nd house?

  2. Short Term: Buy comemrcial property or ask banker have any other way to get extra 20% loan

    Long term: Roll the ball. Buy RM250k property, sell and earn RM100k, then use RM100k to buy RM500k property, sell and earn RM300k, then use RM 300k to buy RM 1mil property, sell and earn RM600k...and continue. By 2-3 cycles, 30% is not a problem to you anymore.

  3. Mr Wick, how good is the price? Let me know personally.

  4. Sean, cash out your Pelangi Damansara lar, touching RM300k now...