Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our Professional

I wanted to talk about what I experienced in past few days here, is about DOCTOR

My son is not feeling well last few days, I brought him to Pantai Bangsar Hospital, seeing Dr A.

Dr A gave my son medicine X & medicine Y.

The next day, my son still not recover, again I brought my son to same hospital, but seeing Dr B this time as Dr A is not on duty that day. "Surprise" come now.

Dr B: I don't recommend to take medicine X & Y, as it is not suitable for baby.

What The Fxxx !!!

Wick: Are you telling me Dr A gave my son wrong medicine?
Dr B: I can't comment as I only see your son today, but usually I don't recommend any baby < 2 years old to take any medicine. (pause as me and my wife was puzzle by what he said.....)

Dr B: So ok? You ok?

Wick: Of course NOT OK. Two different doctor from same hospital telling different story for same medicine, how can I ok? 

I immediately request to change my doctor and ask for more experience doctor to see us, as I was still puzzled by so called professional told me. After 5 minutes, Dr C come.
Dr C: Ooo...actually for medicine X you still can take it now, but it is not really require as your baby condition is better. While for medicine Y, you also can take, but maybe you should reduce the intake from 2.5ml to 1.5ml.
What The Fxxx !!! Another different recommendation..

Dr C: So what do you think? you think reduce the intake is ok?  
Wick: What do you think I think? How the hell I know? You are doctor not me, don't ask what I think !

My instinct told me I came to wrong hospital, wasting my time and it does not help at all, in summary, good job Mr and Mrs Professional !

Now I am really curious, what is written in those medical books actually? Are all medical books have few variants that's why it produce different doctor that have different opinion on same medicine ???


  1. thanks for sharing.
    perhaps a prof hospital shall have some guideline and policies in giving the medication ...

  2. Lesson learn : don't believe the doctor always double check again the medicine on the net