Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pandan Perdana Lake Project

Sunday, June 15, 2014

MRCB 9 Seputeh

MRCB have their grand launch this weekend, opening up remaining of block C, D + SOHO and New Block A.

They have launched this property since many months ago for Block C and D + SOHO. Up to today, still not yet fully sold. However sales is not bad, about 70% sold. Comparing other projects in market currently, is consider ok.

Overall I like their concept and development, compare to nearby UOA South Bank project. They have more complete plan, from Residential, SOHO, Commercial, New Access to NPE Highway, and Proposed Monorail. If they able to execute this, it will bring more value to this property.

Current selling price is around RM750 to RM850 psf after discount. Overall SOHO is smaller unit without car parks. Residential is bigger unit with 1 car parks for 1000sf below, and 2 car parks for >1000sf.

Base on overall development plan, there will be a lot of Residential condo. This make SOHO look attractive especially with lower entry price.

I can see still quite a number of buyer purchasing this property. Sometimes I keep wonder, where do they get money from? I see some 40 - 50 plus years old family buying few units. From conversation they are buying it for investment. How can they have so much cash flow and able to afford 30% down payment? Even the cheapest unit RM360,000 (after discount) also require almost RM100k down payment!

One obvious symptom I can see now is you won't see super crowd like past few years where usually project will almost sold out during soft launch (way before official launch). It seem like market have show sign the that supply > demand. Despite the fact that housing price is still keep increasing eventhough the perks nowaday is way too little compare to last time, especially the removal of DIBS scheme.

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Development surrounding seksyen 13 Petaling Jaya

Recently I saw many launch in this area. Pacific Star near Jaya One, PJ Midtown and D'Vougue near Nissan showroom.

All are selling at sky high price. Or maybe is because I still stop at old pricing. I still cannot accept the fact paying RM800 psf and onwards for a leasehold commercial condo.

PJ Midtown is join development between few prominent developers (Sime, IOI, Brunsfields). Pacific Star and D'Vougue is by new incumbent, who just recently delivered their maiden project (Pacific Place at Ara Damansara and CentreStage at Seksyen 13).

Personally I like PJ Midtown project more than others. The only thing I don't like is too many taiko on same plate, not sure how they compromise with each other when all are equally big.

I quite impress with the quality of work by Pacific Place, or I should say their final product is on par (maybe better) than many big player in industry.

Among all, only D'Vougue come out with creative scheme. Which could be good for those who want to enter the market.

Still, I cannot accept the fact to pay RM500k for a 1 room condo. The price range is way behind a reasonable working salary. Maybe you need a couple to work together only able to pay the monthly installment for a 1 room condo.

If this is the trend, either people will continue rent instead of buy, or our government do something to help increase the salary of the working people in Malaysia.

Recently I saw a survey about income vs expense at MauKerja Job Recruitment website. Majority of the workers say that their income is not enough to cover the expenses. Means they are living on credit. If this is a problem to majority of Malaysia, then property buying is only open to those "rich people" very very soon.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Taman Yarl Condo @ Taman Yarl, OUG

A friends introduce me to this project. Nowaday any launch also million million ringgits...:

Prelaunch Project , 40% OF UNIT SOLD !!!
Price per square feet only from Rm500.
The ultimate last piece of condo land in Oug .
Taman Yarl Condo @ Taman Yarl, OUG
New Luxury Yarl Condo @ Taman Yarl, OUG

- Early Bird Discount
- Freehold
- Free SPA Legal Fee
- Free 2 car parks
- KLCC View , Park View
- Low Density, 6 units per floor
- 2 minits reach Bukit Jalil
- 3+1 Bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
- Luxury Infinity facilities
- Partly Furnished
- Wardrobe
- Kitchen Cabinet
- Air-cond
- 2013sf up to 2766sf
- Maintenance Fee Included Sinking funk Rm0.25/psf
Accessbility (Approximately Distance)
From Distance Duration
* Site proposed Awan Besar LRT station 3Km (5 mins)
* Site proposed PPR LRT station 1.5km (3 mins)
* Site proposed Bkt Kinrara LRT station 3km (5 mins)
* Site Mid Valley Megamall 7km (10 mins)
* Site IOI Megamall 8km (10 mins)
* Site MSC Putrajaya 25km (25 mins)
* Site KLIA 40km (35 mins)
* Site KLIA ERL Station 12km (12 mins)
* Site KLCC 15km (15 mins)
* Site Sunway Pyramid 9km (10 mins)
* 2 mins to Bukit Jalil
* 4 mins to Pavillion2

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Potpourri Ara Damansara Site Visit

Visited the site today. The Interior Design look so great. Selling at RM800psf and above, not cheap. I think this surrounding area is still selling at RM600+- price. See Hoy Chan now price it 35% higher by using "advance design" :)
Sales not bad as well, about 30 - 40% sold out. Really many rich people in Malaysia....

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Potpourri Ara Damansara - By See Hoy Chan

See Hoy Chan is launching this property today. At Ara Damansara.

23-25 May, 10am - 6pm. At The Potpourri Sales Gallery, Ara Damansara

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pantai Sentral Park Launching Soon !

Another BIG project launch at Kerinchi a.k.a Bangsar South !

I have observe about this project for quite some times, finally they SMS me today say launching very soon ....

This is super big development, at Pantai Dalam area, but now rebrand as Bangsar South. This area have changed drastically in recent year, from Kampung area to now one of the highest demand area for MSC offices.

Let's wait and see what price tag IJM going to put for this project.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Seputeh 9 Studio and UOA Old Klang Road

Today, my friend told me about this condo Seputeh 9 at Old Klang Road, by MRCB. He visited the site, and they have many different layout. What attracted him there is the Studio unit, which the selling price is only RM300k +++.

I repeat, 400++ sft for RM300k++ is consider "CHEAP" and able to attract people to view, because nowadays it is RARE to find anything at RM300k++. (Even though PSF is RM700++)

Therefore, developer have to build a smaller unit, so the absolute price look attractive.

Similar condo launched by UOA look much attractive in term of PSF. However due to the size is bigger, that is why the absolute price look much expensive. (Even though PSF is RM500++).


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UK house prices rose by 8% in the year to the end of March.

This means many people make millions again within these few years !

I still remember few years ago when economy in UK still very gloomy, many UK property agent come to Malaysia to promote UK price.

That time the price of UK property drop to historical low. Now, within just few year, up to much again..... Magic of investment. For same item, it look not attractive at one moment. After one round turn, it become magic

I wish I able to buy the property in UK, seriously wish. Unfortunately not able to. Working in Malaysia, earning RM, can't even enough to survive in Malaysia, don't even mentioned UK.

I still remember in previous article on part time job from MauKerja recruitment website survey showed > half of working adults need to look for part time income to have "better" living. So it only a dream for workers to own a house in UK.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Do we need to work 2 jobs now to survive in Malaysia? Source:

Recently MauKerja conducted survey about stress at work place. It is shock to see that almost 27% of the users are actually working > 1 jobs, to survive.

It seem like working 1 job is not going to be enough to survive in Malaysia, especially in Kuala Lumpur. With the price increase of house, food, electricity, living expenses. One single income is no longer feasible. I have a feeling the % will increase to 50% very soon.

We started to become like resident at Shanghai, whereby it is very common for people to work part time, or extra works after their full time jobs.

If this is the trend, how many hours left for our family, or kids? Damn...this is not the life I want !!!

What worry me more is base on MauKerja survey, 34% of the workers having problems with their spouse/family due to work related stress. This is so unhealthy !

Link to survery: Jawatan Kosong Terkini di Malaysia