Friday, April 22, 2011

Best Job in the Market

Today I am flipping through a China Press newspaper, reading the Klang Valley edition. I am so shock to see there are so many advertisement about new property launch. I think at least 10 advertisement about new launch.

Do you know when stock market is bullish, when earn the most money? The stock brokers, because they earning is based on commission, the more transaction they handle, the more money they earn.

So since property market is so hot now, you may already know what is the best job in Malaysia.....

By the way, the property agent that help me sell my house is a an engineer which she have worked for at least 10 years, whereby the company is famous for paying at least 6 months bonus every year. But she decided quit her job and become property agent last year (good choice :). She share that she can easily sell RM2 millions property per month in current market......Can't imagine how much she earn now every month....


  1. Wah Damn ! that`s alot. This make me thing to quite my job. I will give my boss surprise on Monday ^_^

  2. wah. . Rm2m * 2% * 70% = almost RM300k !

  3. Depends on what you want from a job? Money? Security? Lifestyle (time with family maybe)? Personal satisfaction (charity/solving impossible problems)? Or all of the above?

    Money isn't everything. I've heard from someone quitting job from Goldman Sachs (which undoubtly pays shit load of cash). I don't know specific reasons but I heard it could be due to his personal values disagreeing with his job.

    I still work for money, but that's just me :)

  4. Rm2m * 2% * 70% = RM28k per mth.

    I beleive this job is not that pressure compare to investment bankers (which famous for extreme work hour + pressure + co-coriculum).

    For this, after you hit your quota, and do not feel like working, just tell your buyer: "Owner not free, no viewing today".


  6. :) over look the figure. . .
    10s to update me