Sunday, April 10, 2011

Savanna Bukit Jalil

What are the criteria you will be looking at if you were to purchase a property for own stay purpose (not investment)?

For me, I am looking at few key criteria below:

1. Strategic Location, within Klang Valley, with access to public transport like LRT.
2. Nice condo design, low density and "appropriate" layout, e.g. >12000sf, min 3 rooms and etc.
3. Good security system, with multiple access check point; the more check point the better.
4. Low density, good community and the resident are "well manner".
5. Well maintained, clean, quiet .

Of course ideally there would be more than these 5 criteria, but above those key criteria I am stress on if I would to live there. Up to date, only few condo meet my personal criteria above:

- Park Residence @ Bangsar South
- Sterling PJ @ Kelana Jaya
- Kiaramas Ayuria @ Mont Kiara
and newly added into list is is Savanna @ Bukit Jalil.

Recently I visited few units of condo at Savanna Block B, which are manage by the Korean developer. The developer have renovated those units in good state and it basically is already at move-in condition. Currently they are selling the 1212sf unit at RM588k (with free S&P legal fee).

Savanna is located at Bukit Jalil main road, and very close to the LRT stations (walking distance). The condo have two blocks with 250 units each block, and serve by 3 lifts at each block (which is "medium" density with potentially longer lift waiting time during peak hours). Savanna is guarded with two layer of security at the condo entrance and lift lobby, no further check point beyond lobby.

Savanna come with standard facilities, like swimming pool, gym, tennis court, play ground and etc. The common facilities area is not that "spacious" for 500 units condo. I guess no one can beat Sterling PJ in term of common facilities sizing.
I saw quite a number of westerner and Korean during my visit there, which could further enhance the value of this condo as "luxury condo" within Bukit Jalil area. However understand there are two collages (IMU, APITT) nearby this area and hopefully there aren't much students living here. And I would say Savanna management body did very good job in maintaining the cleanliness of this condo, you can hardly find rubbish in this area. I do hope the same management body will continue managing this condo though :)

Also not forget is this property is come with 3 to 4 car parks per unit, which is something you hardly see in the market. Another added bonus is most of the unit here will have nice golf view from the balcony and master room.

I yet to visit Block A, which is sold directly by Berjaya. For those who looking for a unit at Block A, you better choose those unit closest to Block B; reason is MAJU Express Highway is just standing right next to the Block A. Probably because of the highway, and those unit are standard unit (not upgrade unit), therefore Block A is selling at lower price (RM400++).


  1. Hi bro,

    Find free to visit PUNCAK DAMANSARA CONDO.
    This condo was well maintain and clean too.
    The price is around RM250k for 950sqf, located near BU/ DU.

  2. Thanks, will pay this condo a visit when time permit.

  3. Hi,

    Found your blog recently. Thanks for your regular insights to the property market.

    I've been to Sterling PJ, like you, I like the apartments too. Especially the 1902 sq ft apartments. I am trying to buy a unit there from the 2nd hand market. Any pointers?

  4. I like Sterling PJ because it have big common facility, which my mum and kid spent lot of time there. In other word, it is good for those who have family to live there.

    The second things I like about it is the location and access road. It link to Subang via subang airport road, and also PJ via LDP.

    However Sterling PJ view is quite limited, either facing guard house, or shell petrol station, or highway or kelana mahkota. Each have it con, so I guess this is one of the key things you need to consider, apart from leasehold status.

  5. I am looking to live on my own, but I like the common area facilities i.e. tennis court and swimming pool.

    Any ideas about the benchmark p.s.f price for Sterling and the nearby condominiums?

  6. Inital launching price about RM200psf++, last year jump to around RM300psf. With current "hot weather", I think is price around RM350-400psf.

  7. Block A selling 400k++??? Where do you get this price? I am looking for one unit in Block A, do you mind telling me the agent contact? Thanks.

  8. That happened 3 mths ago when an agent brought my fren to view the unit which have direct Highway view :) I guess by today this unit already sold out.

  9. Can you provide me the contact of the agent for Savanna Block B? Thank you.

  10. I just bought a unit of Block B, high floor with golf view & 3 carparks. FYI, savanna is a freehold with consent property. it takes max 9months to complete the transfer. block B comes with guarantee return for 1 yr @ RM 3000 per months. means that if u decide to lease, they will giv u 3k each month until ur unit is tenanted. good deal too.