Wednesday, April 13, 2011

KM1 Second Block Launch

Dunno how to glue all 4 pictures together...:)



  1. Want to purchase 1 for investment, between THE TREEZ and KM1 which one consider more valueable for money? Any future LRT station will near by this 2 condo?

  2. wonder is that over value , given the location there. this condo sell at least 600k and above

  3. Yes, future LRT is just walking distance from KM1.

    Price wise, let look at the highest class condo at this area - Savanna, currently already selling at RM588k for 1212sf.

    The price at this area already hitting RM500psf at current hot market, while those further deep inside like Z Residence is reaching RM400psf.

    I have not visit the show house, but if it is selling < RM500psf, I would think "worth considering" as KM1 location is "better" than Z Residence and Savanna Block A.