Thursday, April 7, 2011

70% Loan To Value (LTV) Ratio

Few months ago, Malaysia government implement a LTV ratio of 70% for purchase of third properties and onward. Some confusion arise due to this new rules, for example:ase

1. If I have joint name with my wife for first two properties, does it means I only can loan 70% max for third property?
2. If my first or second property loan is fully settled, do I limit by the 70% loan rules?
3. If I have sold my first or second property, S&P signed but transaction still in progress, am I limit by the 70% loan rules?

Just have a chat with a property agent today, according to him, LTV rules is calculated based on number of property loan you are serving currently, NOT number of S&P you have your name on it. If his explanation is correct, it means, answer to three question above are:

1. Yes
2. No
3. Not really sure, probably no, as you may show your S&P to the bank when apply for loan.

Please share if you have more information about this new rules ....

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