Monday, April 4, 2011

What Happened To The People?

Nowadays everyone is asking, what happened to the property, the price gone up like crazy !!! ???

Actually, I would say what happened to the people actually instead of the property price? Everyone just buy anywhere and everyone......

In stock market, there is a saying that when everyone is talking about stock, it is about time to sell it. Does it apply to property market then?

A colleague of mine who is just graduated for 2 years told me last week she would like to invest in a property. I asked her is she looking for rental income or capital appreciation, she replied: "I dunno". Then I asked her why rush to buy then, she said that "I don't want to miss the chance mar, later 'cao poh' ler".

Another colleague of mine who is type of "conservative" people, whom strictly follow rules and steps at his work. Usually this type of people are those who do not speculate. But, he also start talking about property investment nowadays, and he is looking to buy another house to rent out and earn extra income.

What will happen if this kind of trend continue? Would there me more properties to let than more people who rent the house ? You think yourself lar.


  1. House price is getting higher and higher nowadays. Development are getting further and further from KL nowadays. People should plan to buy a property, so that they could own a good one for future stay isn't it? I mean, for people like us. Us, meaning those that just graduated for 2 years.

  2. Yes i agreed, but think twice before you decide to buy any property. Not all the location.

  3. I always encourage people to buy property, the younger you buy, the better. But important thing is you need to know what you are buying, cos property is something you need 10-30 years to complete the loan. Don't buy just for the sick of buy, but buy because you know it fit your requirement, need and budget.