Sunday, April 17, 2011

Which Shop Would You Buy ?

If you were to buy/rent a Shop for running your own business, where would you rent, and what are the "important factor" you looking at, to evaluate whether it is a good buy/rent?

Recently I come across a shop for sales, at Kuchai Avenue Service Apartment. Double storey shop, 20 x 70 sf selling at RM1.2 millions.

This shop can be rent at RM3-3.5k for ground floor unit and RM1.5k for 1st floor unit. The rental income is ok, even though it can help you settle around 80% of the loan amount.

Up to now, I am still evaluating, is it a good buy? What do you think?


  1. I'm staying nearby, 1.2 million isn't that bad considering those shoplots Jln Kuchai Maju costs so much more but of course those are three stories and slightly more desirable location but do bear in mind there are just too many shoplots around this area and i can see some of those in Kuchai business park are still unoccupied, perhaps it's the price?

  2. Kuchai Business Park is "real shop" compare to Kuchai Avenue shop. It's selling price quite close to Kuchai Avenue though, but suprisingly quite many people choose to rent at Kuchai Avenue compare to Kuchai Business Park. Maybe is rental or maybe is ready tenant right above their shop :)