Saturday, July 17, 2010

External Factor - The View - Update 1

Recently doing some research on one of the best condo at Mont Kiara - Kiaramas Ayuria.

For the unit with same build up, but with different floor and different view, the price different RM200,000 !!!! You may refer to my previous article about The View.

Lesson learnt, when purchase condo during launch,

If the price different per floor is not much, better to get mid floor and above (8th and above, but not too high floor)

If the price different for view is not much, better to get unit with nice view. In Malaysia, usually what consider as nice view are unit that facing

- KLCC view

- Pool view

- Non Highway view

- Non High Tension Cable view

- Non Telecom Tower view

- Non Squatter Area view

- Non Sun Set view

The rules of thumbs is if the better floor & better view unit can sell with additional RM200k premium, I would not mind paying extra RM50k-100k when purchase it from developer.

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