Thursday, April 21, 2011

How To Buy House Like That ??

Residential property led market last year -

“Correspondingly, the price of the ‘average house’ moved to RM199,636 from RM184,574 in the fourth quarter of 2009,” said Napic.

Kuala Lumpur had the highest price level in the country at RM430,163. Selangor and Sarawak followed with RM301,443 and RM253.391 respectively.

Average house price also hit RM300k at Selangor and RM430k at KL, but I notice that fresh graduate pay in year 2000 is still same as today! How to buy house??


  1. Now, even with full loan also we are not able to buy a house. Sigh.
    That is the reason, why I am planning to buy now.

  2. Don't buy if can't afford. Solve the first problem - low income :)