Wednesday, December 29, 2010

City&Country: Serviced suites coming up in Bangsar South

The developer had initially planned 10 blocks of 13 to 20-storey boutique offices with a total floor area of 1.5 million sq ft as well as a central park in Phase 2 of The Horizon. However, it then decided to scrap two of these office blocks, and another one in The Vertical towers nearby, to create a six-acre central park. Initially, only 2.5 acres were set aside for the park. “The government has been pushing the green agenda, so we decided to support the cause and took out the three blocks to create a bigger central park with a water feature that will be open to the public and the neighbourhood,” Khor says. The pedestrian bridge across the Federal Highway that now connects Wisma Pantai to the three-acre parcel will be extended to the Bangsar South development, says Khor. “The 178m extension will make the total length of the bridge 250m. It will allow people to walk from the Kerinchi LRT station to the commercial precinct in the north sector of Bangsar South. We are in the midst of getting the squatters to leave and will start construction by the end of the year,” he explains. The extension of the bridge will be completed in three months. When ready, it will end at the common basement level of the commercial precinct of Phase 2 of The Horizon and the other office buildings. There will also be a link between the commercial precinct and the clubhouse in the residential precinct. Khor says a new LRT station will be located on Jalan Kerinchi, making the township even more accessible in the future.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Proposed MRT Project

The project will kick off with the construction of the first service line beginning in July 2011, which will run through a Northwest-Southeast corridor alignment. The line will ply a 60 km route between Sungai Buloh and Kajang, and take six years to complete.

It will contain 35 stops, with four interchanges linked to existing rail services, these being the KTM Komuter lines at Sg Buloh and Kajang and in KL, the Putra KJ line at Pasar Seni and Star Ampang line at Maluri.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Property to remain buoyant in 2011

Property to remain buoyant in 2011

Source : Bernama

Date Published : 17 December 2010

The property market in Malaysia is expected to remain buoyant next year, seeing a moderate uptrend in prices, in line with economic growth and growing interest among foreigners.

Property consultant and valuer, James Wong said, the sharp increase in prices, is only to be seen in certain landed properties in choice locations with a huge demand for it in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

"It is challenging to own a house with a salary of just only RM4,000 a month. In 1975, a house in the Klang Valley was around RM30,000 and graduates earned about RM700 a month.

"Today, a graduate earns about RM2,000 but a house in the Klang Valley could easily cost RM400,000," he elaborated. Thus, Choy said, owning a house is only possible if the government made an effort to uplift income.

"There is a lot of interest from buyers from China who are agressively buying into properties in Australia and Singapore. If these buyers start buying into Malaysian properties, then prices will further escalate," he said.

According to Ooi, there is a lot of interest at present from Singaporean and Hong Kong buyers, for Malaysian properties.

He highlighted that foreigners are looking at the yield in making decisions on property purchases.

"Currently, the Kuala Lumpur property market has a positive yield. Investors also like stability in the country and election results will have an impact on their investment mood," he explained.

Luxury Condo by YTL - Capers

Another Magic from YTL - Midfields

Launched in year 2008, at around RM200k+-.
Now almost complete, but yet VP, market already pushing the price to RM450k+-......

Happy Garden - See Hoy Chan

Next to G-Residence, selling at RM450psf... translated to minimum RM600k per unit !!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Very Futuristic Building - Point 92

Recently there are quite a number of development around Damnsara Perdana area. Not mentioning existing taikor - MK Land there, Crest Builder, Empire Mammoth invested few projects there(Empire Damansara, Empire City).

Now there is another new office tower, Point 92, target completion 2012. It is just located right next to the PJ Trade Center (or sometime people called it Bata shoe building). The design look very futuristic, is developed by same developer of PJ Trade Center.

Further details can be found at


My condo renovation is near the end, renovation work should be complete by next week. During these few months periods, I have deals with about 20-30 contractors/suppliers/seller for different works & products.

I consider myself as a very details person, with project planning, budget, technical drawing and design. I prepare all these "documents" myself as I want to ensure the house is design as per my wish, and more importantly is, I don't really "trust" renovation contractors.....

In these few months, I notice that finding a contractor whom offer good price is important, finding a contractor that is friendly and helpful is quite important, finding a contractor that is flexible and "discuss-able" more important !

Reason being is no matter how details a person is, you will sure miss out something, either your designer/contractor forget to tell you, or don't want to tell you. When you trap by this kind of situation, only those "flexible contractor" can help you.

I have many examples in this case, but most memorable one is with YT Lighting Puchong, whereby I bought 6 units of fan from them as they are authorized KDK dealer, and they offer good price. The lady boss is a very friendly person during the sales process. But, when I notice that one of the fan cover is missing from the box, I try to contact her to get a replacement. Suddenly a friendly boss become a bitchy boss. She claim I lost the cover, and not willing to provide me the replacement. The only thing she will do is contact KDK factory and get them check whether the fans cover is missing during packing at factory. WTF! What kind of reason and excuse is this? Cheap & Friendly boss, now I learnt another lesson....