Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tesco @ Scott Garden

Finally the Tesco at Old Klang Road is open for business. I brought my family to shop there today ==> not bad at all the environment. The parking is ample, is FOC currently, hope Tesco will maintain it. Tesco hire many security guards to guard the area, which is something good. The crowd is growing by the time of 11am, seem like people around OKR, OUG, Taman Desa are all pull over by Tesco power.

Let's talk a bit about this property, which is call Scott Garden (Shop Lot), and Scott SOHO. Heard that Scott Garden is sold at around 1.x mil 2-3 years ago, and currently is asking 3 mils. While Scott SOHO is selling at RM320k++ when they launch few years back. I remember I were there when they launch. The developer is very smart, they provide 8% discount on down payment, interest bearing scheme, and partially furnish. I would say many buyer were attracted by the 2% downpayment to own a house scheme. Personally I did not purchase it as I feel quite expensive at that time RM320k++ purchasing 700sft+- SOHO, and density is very high at 1000+ units.

The Scott SOHO project is divided to phase 1, 2 and 3. Now the developer is selling the last phase (phase 3) units, at around RM450k+-.

Back to the Tesco factor, I am still thinking, will Tesco able to pull up the price of the SOHO further? Like how Empire Shopping Gallery help to pull up the price of Empire SOHO.... Instead, maybe I should ask

1. Do you want to live there as home if the rental is about RM2000 per month ?

2. Do you want to setup your office there if the rental is RM2000 per month ?


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