Wednesday, May 25, 2011

China Property Market - How Does it Impact Us?

I met an old friend online recently, where he have moved from Malaysia to China since few years back. When he was in Malaysia, we used to talk a lot about property and share.

During our chat, he share his view with me about property at China, especially in Guang Zhou where he live. The property price at China have gone up like crazy in past few years, currently a condo at Guang Zhou city is selling at around 15,000 yuan psm (translated to about RM750 psf), to me sound ok .....with assumption KL is on par with Guang Zhou. But what is not so ok is most of the property there are left empty, not able to find tenant. Even those able to rent out, the rental return is not attractive. He

On side note, my friend also said that that most of the property in China is leasehold status with 60 years left. So for those so concern about leasehold status in Malaysia, you should not worry so much as Malaysia leasehold property usually come with 99 years tenure :)

The Chinese government have implemented few control to cool down the market, and it seem work. But what make us worry is how long can those owner hold their unit without able to rent it out? What will happen if there are many owners fall under this category, will it cause another round of property bubble?

There is a saying when US sneezes, Malaysia will catch the cold. With China emerging become as world economy now, if China sneezes, we might catch H1N1 !!

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