Saturday, May 7, 2011

Is the 5/95 housing loan scheme a better option? -

Is the 5/95 housing loan scheme a better option? -

In the short term, it may seem attractive. After all, one only has to pay 5% or 10% of the price of the house and the next payment is only when one takes delivery of the house. The developer will also bear other entry costs such as legal fees, stamp duty on the sale and purchase agreement and loan agreement as well as memorandum of transfer for purchases under the campaign.

A mortgage loan officer who has done his rounds being on the panel of bankers for various developers says the conventional loans and not the interest-bearing ones, are better options in the long run.

He says that no developer will bear legal fees, interests or stamp duty for free. All these are in fact factored into the price of the house. He says that 5/95 schemes are popular particularly among entrants to the job market because they have problems forking out the downpayment, which is usually the biggest challenge when purchasing big ticket items such as a property.

Because they are young, time is on their side. Such schemes are also popular among speculators because their intention is to sell the house the minute they take delivery of it.

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