Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Parklane Update 2

Recently quite a lot of people talking about this project, in fact few of friends have purchased it. Maybe is time to share some personal view on this project - Parklane.

I got to know about this project early this year through a friend of mine, in which he is follower of Akisama.

This is a MEGA project, 4 times the size of Kuchai Avenue. Akisama plan to build 4000++ units of condo at 30 acres land. There will be 11 blocks of tower, to be build by three phases. There is only 1 layout, 950sf. Details can refer here

As usual, those who bought the first block have price advantage,Akisama price it at around RM250k+- for inital launch, which is quite attractive entry price. Slowly Akisama increase the condo price at ~RM20k higher for subsequent few block launch. The latest I heard is they are selling it at RM330k+- now, which is about RM80k different for same size condo (but different view).

For this project, Akisama do furnish it with kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, air-conds and heaters. And what impress me also is they also provide 10 ft ceiling height !

I was tempted to buy a unit at that time, however I did not do so as I quite worry about the competition I am going to face when the property complete (2014 and 2015); as there isn't much different between my units and others unit, except the view and purchased price.

Not forgetting there are also stiff competition from nearby condo such as Residence 8, Tiara Mutiara, Sutera Maya, Z Residence, Kiara Residence, Rainz and etc, which add up to around 10,000 units for rent and for sale. Furthermore those others competitors have some upper hand as LRT is just walking distance from their condo, but not for Parklane.

Nevertheless, if you able to buy it at RM300 psf or below, congrats as you have more "playing power" if you plan to rent or sell it in future. While for those who buy for own stay, this location is not bad actually, quite close to Old Klang Road and Puchong. Who knows the government may expand Jalan Puchong like how they expand LDP last time :)


  1. Hi Wick,

    Dun you think the place is too congest with 4000+ unit around? Why are you still think that it is good for own stay? I believe for renting, it will make a point, but for own stay, I'm seriously doubt. Dun you think so?

  2. The rental competition for sure will be very instense if include surrounding completed condo like Sri Jati I & II and bukit OUG.

  3. Buy for own stay and buy for investment is different.

    For investment, u will check whether the property will appreciate or whether u able to rent it out.

    For own stay, u will see whether u like the location, ho's the design of the house, is it safe stay there, is it near ur family, is it within ur budget and etc.

    BUT, latest trend is hybrid of both :)