Monday, May 9, 2011

Sky Vista @ Taman Pertama Cheras

A friends of mine would like to buy a larger unit condo for own stay, and he came across this project: Sky Vista, at Taman Pertama Cheras. He is interested in 1700sf unit, which is selling at about RM680,000.

Below is some of the info gathered:

Developer: Orlando Holdings Sdn Bhd (Relatively small)
Previous Project: Vistaria Residensi / Victoria Condo (under construction), Sri Angkasa Home at Puchong

Location wise I am not very familiar with Cheras, need actual side visit to appreciate it, especially the road and the surrounding. However if purchase for own stay, as I mentioned in Parklane article, you have to see it from different perspective.

For own stay, people will choose the location they like to live at, the environment they want they kid to growth up with, the surrounding community, is the security ok, is the property near to family/relative and etc.

I told my friend, if you do not have any particular reason that like this location or property, then you have plenty of choice with RM680,000. Maybe is better to think what kind of environment you want to live in as start.

For those who interested in this project, you may refer to link below:

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