Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sentul Prime Mall Update 2

Managed to get more information as below:

This project is develop by new developer, but they claim that the director is one of the directors from Platinum Victory group (PV are condo around TAR colleges areas), details can be found here

Selling Price is around RM300 pft, build up from 800-1000++. Means selling from RM240k onwards.

Location wise is deep inside Sentul, I try to find it this morning but failed (not familiar with Sentul). Based on map, is somewhere here

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The project is not launch yet, but you can place RM5k booking fee to Chester Property Agent, by putting the "Jal & Lim" lawyer firm as cheque recipient, then you will entitle for "choosing the unit first" when they launch. The agent claim you can get back your cheque if you would like to cancel the deal without any reason require, and no admin fees will be charged.

I am not sure how true the statement above is, but the way they handle it is quite "mystery". I notice quite a numbers of not so well known developers like to "subcon" their projects to agent like Chester Properties, e.g. Pacific Place @ Ara Damansara, Element @ Ampang and now this Sentul projects. What make me more concern is "no official track record" from this brand new developer, eventhough the director have involved in the property industry quite some times, but what we are going to deal with is the company, not the director. Don't forget this is commercial property, which means the S&P agreement will not be standard.

No matter how, RM240k (if they really selling this price) is something worth considering, looking at current market, is not easy to find property with such price for mid range condo/service apartment.


  1. Hi, what do u think on the sentul prime booking procedure? Is it norm? Major prebooing also in such a way? Can pls advise?

  2. Usually branded developer won't do it this way. Only small & medium developer do this, pls refer to outsourcing article I posted earlier. I know Scott SOHO from Old Kalng Road also doing the same way as this developer too.

  3. I found the mentioned location, you have to go further down along Jalan Sentul... Google Map still not updated for new development (1 Sentul & Shell Petrol Station which is just opposite of it)

  4. so,who is the real developer? In other word,actually PV is a real developer for this project. A part developer issue,overall im quite interested. you think i should go for it? What you say?

  5. sorry,i mean pv is not a real developer. thks

  6. No idea who is the developer, seem like quite secretive project. So far rm300psf is just what they mentioned, not sure whether it is still the price when launch. You should pay a visit to the site to see whether this is somewhere you would like to invest/stay at before make any decision.

  7. booking fees is just 1k after launching if u want cancell take back 900. unit numbers already choose, if not mistaken already three blocks were release for bookings. Chester no deal woh, the last time i heard from the SA....... 312psf for my unit ..... launching if not mistaken will be around sept!