Monday, May 23, 2011

Seaside and Hilltop Property

In Penang, a lot of properties is selling at premium price because for those who purchase the property will get to enjoy the ocean breezes everyday...

There are also people willing to pay "extra" to buy property that built on the top of the hill, as the air is fresher and they also able to enjoy magnificent city view from their house...

However, there is also possible risk buying properties nearby sea side and on top of hill . For example, when Tsunami hit Penang, people who live nearby seaside will be the first expose to the risk. Therefore sometimes people may think is good to live next to seaside once a while, during vacation, instead of live there daily.

Same for those live at hill side, when the landslide hit Bukit Antarabangsa, the condominium and bungalow value there drop to almost "zero". Recently there is also report that retaining wall at Bandar Puteri is falling, this cause great concern to those live there...

So sometimes, maybe, conservatively, probably, is safer to buy property at "flatten" land :)

Retaining wall collapses during landslip -

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