Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hillslope project too fast and too close for comfort - Empire Residences

Hillslope project too fast and too close for comfort -

Residents of Armanee Terrace Condo I in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya, are concerned about a hillslope project near their homes which they say will lead to environmental degradation and declining property value.

“The number of machinery increased swiftly and work has picked up speed. About a third of the hillslope was gone by February this year,” he said.

When we took over the 52-acre site, we amended the approved layout for four condominium blocks with 3,353 units to 750 houses. We have reduced the density from 60 units per acre to only 14,” he said.

Mammoth Empire assured the residents that it had taken measures to address concerns about hillslope development, including working with government agencies like the Committee for Development of Environmentally Sensitive Areas, Mineral and Geoscience Department, Public Works Department and Ikram to ensure the guidelines had been adhered to.

Guess this is the site for recent launch Empire Residences Semi-D. Using 52 acres of land to build 750 houses...average only 14 houses per acre, that's why this Semi-D is million and above :)

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