Sunday, May 15, 2011

Can You Believe This ?

Saw this news today, really can't believe human will do such things to their baby...

DAYTON, Ohio -- Jurors in an Ohio woman's third trial found her guilty Friday of killing her baby daughter by cooking her in a microwave oven.
China Arnold was convicted of aggravated murder in the death of 28-day-old Paris Talley in August 2005. Arnold could receive the death penalty. The sentencing phase will begin Monday.
Prosecutors have said Arnold, 31, intentionally put the baby in the microwave after a fight with her boyfriend. The defense had argued that someone else was responsible.

Medical experts testified that the baby died after her temperature reached 107 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit and that she probably was in the microwave for more than two minutes, dying quickly afterward.

"She died because she was overheated," said Dr. Marcella Fierro, retired chief medical examiner for Virginia. "She was cooked."

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