Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Sanderson

First Impression: Nice Name, Second Impression: Nice Design

3 Blocks in Total, on 8 acres land:

Sanderson Homes (Block A)
134 units
3+1 room + 3 baths typical
19 Storey, 3 lifts
8 units per floor
Size from 1,460 to 1,550 fs (typical unit) and 3,370 fs (penthouse unit)
2 covered Carparks

Sanderson Suites (Block B)
112 units
3 rooms + 2 bath
16 storey, 2 lifts
8 units per floor
Size approximately 900 fs
2 covered car parks

Sanderson Villas (Block C)
130 units
3+1 room+3 baths
5 storey, 1 lift
2 units per floor
Unit sizes range from 1,400 fs (typical) - 1,600 fs (penthouse)
Top Floor Penthouse units have private roof deck terrace
3 Car parks at Ground Floor

Last and most important information: Location @ Seri Kembangan , Serdang. For those who interested in this project, would strongly encourage you to visit the site to understand the location, and access road.

For those interested, you may register here


  1. Interested in this. Besides the location, what do you think about this place?

  2. This developer offer very attractive scheme when launch this project few months ago, super low downpayment and I would think is good stepping stone for those wanted to buy first property. But I dunno whether the scheme still available or is there any more unit left.