Saturday, July 10, 2010

Property 101 - The Trend

What is the latest trend for Malaysian:

Organic Food - I notice there a lot of organic shop in Malaysia now. Seem like Malaysian become more health conscious and they do believe that organic food is good for health. So they willing to pay extra premium for organic food. Those smart businessman riding on this trend by selling organic food (raw), organic restaurant, organic farm, and the latest one in TV is "Safe Egg".

Pet - Nowadays Malaysian prefer to marriage at later age. Career first, family later when everything stabilise. This make Pets become popular "choice" especially for those who have no children yet. You can see Pet shop is growing like mushroom everywhere. Those more creative one is opening up Pet beauty shop, Pet training center, Pet hotel and etc

Safety - Most of the Malaysia especially those living in city think that Malaysia is not a so safe country, looking at the crime rate and news in newspaper everyday. Many Malaysian willing to pay premium price to get a safer place when come to buying property for family stay. This make Gated & Guarded one of the criteria for Malaysia when come to property now, and this is what I would like to talk today.

Trend can determine the price of property, if you catch it right. Look at the example below

1. Valencia and Sierramas
2. Desa Park City
3. Puchong Lake Edge

You would not able to enter the housing area without knowing the resident inside. They will cross check with the related resident unit before allowing outsider to go in. This is what people are looking for now. This enable those resident feel safe and allow their kids to play around the housing area.

Most of the condominium is build with Gated and Guarded concept by default. However not all the condo management guard it strictly. Therefore those condominium who have implement tight security, double access card entry card system (main entrance + lobby/lift) will command better demand, compare to those conventional condo who you may just go in by waving your hand or just simply register at entrance.

Conclusion: Better demand = Better price = Better profit


If you can spot what is the next coming trend, then ....


  1. the next big trend could be semi-fully furnished with basic house appliances. it's happening among the upper-mid-high homes but if it proves popular, i think it's going to be an expected service in future. malaysians love value, and this freebie (although it's a hidden cost) is definitely an "attractive" value-add for first time owner and young couples. what you think?

  2. Agreed. In fact, if you notice the recent launch, developer always bundle in frebies like
    - Partly/Fully Furnished
    - DIBS (interest free)
    - Gurantee return scehem

    But in actual, the developer have costed all these freebies into the selling price...