Friday, July 23, 2010

Ameera Residence @ SS2

Heard about this condo since day one when the developer (SDB) launch it. I still remember I visited the sales office few years ago, and quite impress with their show house indeed. But the selling price is way too high off my budget, it was selling at RM400,000+-.
Finally the condo completed this year, and start seeing lot of good feedback about this condo in the Internet. The current market price for 1700sf++ unit is selling at RM700,000.

Decided to pay a visit to this condo, and I finally did it last weekend, with my mum and wife, daytime.

I would say Selangor Dredging Berhad (SDB) is very good developer, the workmanship is quite good and they decorate the condo until it look like a hotel. Quite impress when looking from outside.
However after viewing the common area, as well as the condo, my mum start geleng kepala.

"The room is so dark, like not enough sun light. Worse is the common area is so small, no space to walk around. The children playground pathetically tiny, dunno what can your daughter play. Left hand side got construction, and opposite land like building something, if stay here, I need to suffer 2 years of noise pollution lor. No no no..."

Tell you what, it remind me a Chinese saying "It is like having a treasure if there is an elder in your home". Her comment wake me up immediately while I still enjoying the hotel like design. I know for sure my mum do not like to stay in this condo, so do my daughter.

This make me think, is this condo a good investment now? For first hand buyer, maybe. For second hand buyer, I am not sure. But I quite sure those have elders and kids at home, most likely they will not choose to stay here. This means, if you are investor, your target market is quite limited......

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