Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gurantee Return Scheme

In Casa Residence Article, I did mentioned I am not fancy of Guarantee Return Scheme. Probably due to my phobia after I witness these two cases myself.

1. Platinum Condominium @ Ara Damansara
2. Bandar Universiti Teknologi - Dataran Mantin

Try to google above two projects yourself, both come with guarantee return scheme; then try to read the experience from the purchaser of above properties, then you would know why I distance myself from this type of scheme.

I wouldn't say all project come with this scheme is bad, but I would rather miss the boat especially there are many boats around for me to ride on.


  1. bro,

    do u have rss feeds i can subscribe to?

    something similiar to feedblitz?


  2. Don't understand... Isn't RSS is auto enable once you add the site to your RSS reader/browser ?