Friday, July 2, 2010

Empire Subang - The Mammoth Is Back

This is the new shopping center in Subang Jaya area, nearby Subang Parade. Been there couple of times, not big, but nice environment and is definately classier than Subang Parade, I think.

This property is developed by an innovative developer, name Mammoth Empire. The master plan include Shooping Center, Office Tower, SOHO and Hotel.

I would like to talk about SOHO here. Moreover I never ever thought of invest in SOHO until I heard the success story of the SOHO @ Empire Subang.

Quick Fact:

- Launching in year 2007, price @ Rm208k onward

- Today year 2010, market selling price @RM380k onward

- Minus all cost, capital appreciation of RM150k within 3-4 years !

- Rental today @ RM2000, for RM208k property the installment is only RM1200 for 30 year tenure, you enjoy cash flow of RM500 per month after minus all other cost !!

==> What a great investment in term of rental as well as capital appreciation !!!

FYI: And Sime Darby is launching a new condo next to it soon, heard Sime plan to sell it at "super high price". Hardly you will see a big MNC like Sime will riding on the success of other small player, like this Empire Subang.

I was just thinking:

Q: How can I miss out this investment last time?

A: Oooo...because I dont know about this project mar, somemore I also dunno what is happening in the market, where got launch I mana tau? I got no connection to developer what.... Somemore this devloper is quite new, dunno they can make it success or not. Too risky-lar, somemore commercial property. You see in KL, office everywhere, oversupply liao...

How can I make sure I will not miss out this type of good investment again??

A: I will leave it to you to comment.


  1. Mr Wick, I will follow your blog closely so I won't miss out the next chance. I am counting on you!

  2. Sean, count me in too! Make money together!