Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Property 101 - Delay From Bank

Just to share recent experience I have with Bank.

My cousin bought a condominium last year. Applied loan with Standard Chartered Bank in Dec 2009, and signed the offer letter in same month.

The bank appointed their lawyer for handling this case, "highly recommended" by the bank agent (My cousin have to pay for the loan lawyer fee). Personally I would encourage you to use your "own" lawyer instead of follow advice from unknown people, you may refer to my previous article - Your right hand man.

This so call "good lawyer" make silly mistake in the loan agreement, causing delay in property processing. Eventually the loan lawyer rectify the error and whole process (redemption & balance disbursement) only completed in June 2010 - 7 months in total. Then the S&P lawyer issue penalty letter to my cousin, as there is delay in the property transaction... cost about RM2000++.

Do remember, the property seller will issue penalty to you (the buyer) directly. Not the bank or loan lawyer regardless of whose mistake.

My cousin discussed this matter with me, and we send in formal complain letter to
1. The Manager of The Bank Agent
2. The Loan Lawyer
3. The Bank HQ - Customer Service

The Loan Lawyer and the Manager of the Bank Agent did not bother to entertain us. Worse is the Loan Lawyer keep chasing my cousin to settle the loan lawyer fee. (Of course we disagree as the penalty case is still not settle).

Surprisingly the Bank HQ responded, and agree to bear 90% of the delay cost. Even though not 100%, but it is something very encouraging from consumer point of view. As I never thought such Big Company will response to complain from normal people like us.

Learned a lesson here, if you find the right person in right department to file complain, it may work :)

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  1. Sounds like my case b4. But i paid. Mr Wick, I've learned from lesson.