Saturday, March 19, 2011

Japanese Ichiban

Recently Japan is hit by some disasters, earthquake, tsunami, then disruption at nuclear reactor plant. Japanese are living in one of their worse post World War II era, they lost their home, running out of food & water, and need to bear with extremely cold weather. BUT, even living in this kind of bad environment, the Japanese still remain calm, order and discipline. Picture below speak all about great Japanese spirit, Ichiban !

How about Malaysian? I just back from Carrefour Mid Valley, quite furious by the act of typical Malaysian who don't like to queue. Worse is the Carrefour customer service officer do entertain those cut queue even though there are still line of people in the queue.

I took LRT to KL town regularly, you will be quite impress Malaysian do queue "some times", especially in those busy and "regulated" station like KLCC. But most of the time in other station, example KL Sentral, you will see the true Malaysian. Those waiting for the train can't even wait for those people to exit the train and blocking all the exit road. That's is truely Malaysian, Kanasai !

Why? Why we are so Kiasu ?

When something is limited, people will fight to get it, and disregards the order and other people interest. For example, Bus only have 20 seat, but there are 40 people waiting for the bus, in this kind of situation, Malaysian will "fight" to get into the bus, while Japanese will queue in line wait for their turn.

To Malaysian, place to sit is so big deal to them, as if like is very big lost if can't get a seat. While to Japanese, it is just a seat, we no need to kill each other for that seat, and Japanese always put public interest in front of their personal interest.

Malaysian like to call each other brothers. But the brotherhood could be just mearly "lips service" or could be real "true heart brother", it can be easily spot when there is conflict of interest between brother, be in money, work, girl, or power.

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