Monday, March 14, 2011

Commercial Property

Since government implement the 30-70 ratio for purchasing third residential property, this scheme have impact quite a number of part-time investor (normal workers, who have little saving but not much). Imagine, buying a RM300k property require you to pay at least RM90k as down payment, compare to RM30k last time.

Let's assume we able to make RM100k profit 3 years later, but the capital require to earn the RM100k have increase from RM30k to RM90k.

Since so, why not focus in commercial property then? Since the loan amount can reach 80% for commercial, and you only require 20% down payment compare to 30%?

Just some thought


  1. Because you'd be hard pressed to find a 300k commercial property in a good location?

    Unfortunately though, the government's measures to curb property speculation would unlikely impact the rich, just the medium and lower income.

  2. Go to Mitraland Cascade Sales Office, you may about to buy brand new office for RM400k++. Downpayment only 5%, on sales now :)