Friday, March 18, 2011

The World Have Change !

Just back from supper with some generation Y friends, I notice nowaday the way people think and work have been change, compare with my generation.

Older Generation people believe in loyalty, they usually work for one or two company in their entire life.

Generation X people advance a bit, they like job hopping, whoever offer better pay, there they will hop to. Some will do extra part time in MLM, like selling Insurance, Amway, Elken and etc.

While Generation Y people are more advance, they will always look for setting up small business (like Groupon, Groupmore), restaurant, franchise (like Subway, ), Feelance Job (Programmer, Graphic Designer, Editor), Develop Games/Application then sell at Apple AppStore and etc. Working, is just a transition to them before they realize their dream.

Wondering how does Generation Z thinking and way of working like...?

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