Monday, March 21, 2011

New Trick

I notice that nowaday developer become more and more creative, until at one point I start feel that something fishy about their strategy.... Developer now can sell house with just few piece of drawing paper. I remember Empire Damansara project is selling like hot cake, even there is no show house nor a scale down model. Malton - Amaya Maluri and Pacific Place start collecting booking fees even before their permit is approve by the government. Bolton is now selling their Tasik Prima project - The Wharf without any price mentioned, in which they just will provide indicative price. However you are allow to book the unit by providing them a cheque which they are not going to bank in. Heard that Sime Darby is doing the same for their Isola project, which the project is cancel later on. You ever wonder why the developer wanted to do so? For Empire Damansara, Amaya Maluri, Pacific Place, I believe the developer want to catch the train of "Property Investment Frenzy", which is a hot topic for everyone last year. While for The Wharf and Isola, I would think this is a strategy to maximize the developer profit, by testing the market response before they set the final price. Aaii... when developer become smarter, the property price will become higher, the return will be lower for the investor ......

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