Friday, March 25, 2011

YTL Capers - Update II


- YTL invite VVIP, Staff and Previous YTL purchaser for preview on 25-March-2011
- YTL invite registered public to preview on 26 & 27 March 2011


Someone who is VVIP share his experience in forum on 25-Marhc-2011:

Firstly, my apology to fellow forumers for not being able to accomodate your 'booking' request.

The thing is, the condition to book today is NON transferable, meaning if I do the booking on behalf, my name need to appear in the SPA, you can add names, but the 'invited guest' who book today must appear in the SPA.

Anyway, I'll be honest, I'm one of the so called vip invited to book today, suppose to be a closed preview - but I don't feel so vip today.

This morning, was at Starhill at 9am, by 11am, the was quite a big crowd. Mind you, I was the 5th on the queue.

Past 11am, hell breaks lose, no more queue, the crowd just went it, find the sticker and just HANTAM the price board.

As I recalled, ALL Type C (small units) was gone before the door open!

In addition, there was only 1 unit of Type A1 unit 6, 1567 sqft, faces KLCC, away from LRT track, the rest ALL gone - which I manage to book, but Level 13A, got it below RM 600 psf.

Since not much of choice units, due to pricing, HANTAM another 2 units of 1381 sqft, got it below RM 500 psf. There was a lot of pricing disparity if you look into micro side, same level, same type the price different can be RM 70k.

The low rise is 5 storey, ground & 1st are duplex, 3th - 5th are single level units, size from 1000 sqft, but will be on a premium.

Don't bother for the low level type A1, unit 3A, faces the low rise block, LRT track is very near, but asking psf is tempting.

When I left at about 3pm, left less than 10 units.

Anyway, purely based on psf, I think Capers is better than SV and Trigon....but don't shoot me.


What left for your choice, Mr Public?


  1. wah! buying property is like buying vegetable, no need consider..

  2. Who the Fack is the VVIP ?

  3. Pls dun swear at VVIP, as they deserve to be VVIP. You can join the club if you are previous YTL property purchaser, and the benefit to be part of it "WORTH MILLIONS".