Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What's Next After YTL Capers ?

YTL Capers is super hot topic last week, SOLD OUT within 2 days.


Honestly, I am not surprise at all it sold out within 2 days, as this kind of good deal is hardly found nowadays. Yes, there are many property launches every week, but those steal value deal is not always available. A lot of property you thought is good deal before it launch, but may turn out to be disappoinment after launch, like Icon Sri Hartamas. But this time, YTL manage to sell it "right", right price, right design, right location and right time.

Those who tempted to buy but still ding dong here and ding dong there, too bad, you miss the boat. Those who have gut to shoot it, bravo !

Good deal don't always come, you need to always be prepare before it come :)

So, enough talking, what is the next good deal coming in the market ??? D2 ? D5 ?


  1. Should be salak south. they've acquired one big land there but not too sure when..

  2. Probably, Salak South land is big, currently Midfields only occupied part of it. Reading theedge report, it seem like there will be another residential condo - Fannell 2012.

  3. I am the person in the photo who has missed his ship. Just checked yesterday that left over units in YTL low rise still available. Today called sold out. Wonderful projects.