Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Taman Tasik Prima

Recently saw a lot of news about this area, huge lake, have many facilities and variety of water sports available, developed by branded developer (Bolton, Plenitude ...). Will try to visit the site to appreciate the view and environment ...


  1. Visited this site today, a bit dissapointed and it is not as "Grand" as I expected. The successful of this area is very much depends on how well Bolton execute their master plan...The Whaf...

  2. the place is just a bit *deeper* from the main road to pull the crowd
    if they can pull in a big tenant for their mall, it will just be a weekend hangout for those living nearby; not from those whom are not living near here
    as setia walks will be the main attraction at puchong (in general). people from bkt jalil, sunway or usj will come to SW; but surely not to this area

  3. For me is too far from the main road and indeed majority of the housing is low cost. With that price i don`t think is worth to buy. Give it a pass !!!!