Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Sanderson - Rustic Luxury in Urban Setting

Source: Review by Estate 123

Established in 2002 the Newfields Group has ventured into the property development scene in 2004. They started with the Puchong Gateway, its phase 1 already complete since April 2009, and phase 2 in the process of completion. At the moment, another project of theirs would soon be launched in Sept 2010 - The Sanderson.

Located in Bukit Serdang, besides the Villa Pavillion and behind Technology Park Malaysia (TPM), the location of The Sanderson itself is accessible via the ungai Besi Expressway (BESRAYA), Lebuhraya Sistem Lingkaran Kajang (SILK Highway), KL-Seremban Highway and Bukit Jalil Highway. Almost every basic necessity (school, markets, bank, police station etc) are within driving distances. Well known landmarks nearby include the TPM, Villa Park, Green View Park and the Bukit Jalil Stadium. It is a short driving distance away from KL city central, as well as other well-known landmarks such as UPM and The Palace of Golden Horses; approximately within 20-30minutes drive.

The Sanderson comprises of low and high-rise condominiums on eight acres of prime, freehold land. Rustic luxury was the concept in mind with the design of the project, which emphasizes on the eco-friendly features of the facilities, as well as the greenery landscape around and within the whole project. There are 3 types of units available for choice - Villas, the largest and spacious units (1,400 – 1,600 sq. ft.); Suites, the smallest among the units (900 sq. ft.); Homes, units with sizes in between Villas and Suites (1400 sq. ft.). Prices start from RM245/ sq. ft. or RM220K minimum per unit. There are a total of 376 units available.

Reminiscence of the Serene Countryside
For a condominium in an urban area, The Sanderson aimed to provide a harmonious and pleasant environment, much like the peace and quiet of the country side, to its residents. The greenery, eco-friendly systems and convenient outdoor facilities allow residents to not only fully utilize the outdoors, but also soak in the calmness brought about by the presence of natural greenery. The 24-hours security feature is a bonus, along with the small conveniences - a gym, convenient store, yoga facility etc.

Another plus point for Sanderson is that it has been built to cater for both single professional as well as families, with its 3 different types of units suiting different lifestyles. The Villa and Home designs are excellent for families, even slightly larger ones, for its spaciousness and number of rooms; while single working residents will like the cozy design of the Suite units. The gated Linear Park is an added point - being safely within security surveillance while providing residents a place to rewind and relax by being close to nature.

Last but not least, prices, in the meantime, are quite affordable, especially for the intended target market of the project. Compared to the other surrounding condominiums, prices for The Sanderson is on a more reasonable level.

The Sanderson is not completely flawless, however. While it has access to major roadways, its access points are somewhat limited. There is only one direct access to the highway, which passed by the light industrial area nearby. The access leading to Bukit Serdang is also what some visitors have commented about being 'bottle-neck', and the surrounding area leading to the condominium, especially from the highway, may encounter heavy traffic during rush hours.

Living nearby a light industry area, no matter how good the security of the premises are, or how well-maintained its facilities are, may not appeal to some, who may worried about health problems or social and security problems.

The Sanderson is worth considering, with its reasonable pricing, convenient facilities and good security measures, nice greenery landscape and design, plus the freehold tenure and convenient access to major roadways.

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