Sunday, August 1, 2010

Casa Tropicana - The Market is Super Hot !

Dijaya launch the final block - block E of Casa Tropicana this Saturday. It is Sellingsat ~RM500 psf, means is about RM700,000 for 1400++ sf unit.

This condo is located at Tropicana, a prime area at Petaling Jaya vicinity. However it is leasehold land with 80+years lease remaining. I personally visited this condo few years ago. The outlook of the condo is not appealing to me, while the unit layout is one not impressive as well. However what shocking me most is balcony for some of the lower floor unit, is DEAD, it is directly facing the wall of other block ! What kind of developer / architect is smart enough to design and build this type of property?

Let me continue the new launch storey, did I tell you that it is 95% sold out within half day launch ? The market is so hot now, I still cannot figure out why the demand is so high for this condo? I perform some quick check in internet, doing some "benchmarking" on other condo at this area:

1. Existing unit at Casa Tropicana is selling at RM500k++ for 1500+- sf unit
2. Riana Green is selling at RM500k++ for 1500+- sf unit
3. Casa Indah is selling at RM500k ++ for 1400+- sf unit

I am trying to understand why Dijaya price their new block for additonal RM100k - RM200k premium compare to theirs others condo at surrounding area. Please share with me if you know the answer.

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