Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gated Guarded Project - Sierramas vs. Desa Park City vs. Setia Eco Park

Source: Estate 123

Introduction: Who likes to know the future trends of the Malaysian property market?

What property to invest into? Could it be link-houses, apartments, condominiums, semi-dees, bungalows or villas, all in strategic locations? Almost all types will give you good returns but which investment will stand out over the longer term period...

Strategic location is always the most important factor when investing in a property. However, what is the next best deciding factor. It can be anything & anybody guesses. However, let us give some thoughts, for example if we were thinking of buying our Ultimate DREAM Homes. Meaning, when money & time is no longer an obstacle to the decision making buying process, would you agree that tight security homes will become a more & more important deciding factor?

Recently, we notice that, in most property launches we visited, we started to realize that more & more developers are beginning to highlight the importance of security. Looks like the trend is Right on track....

Sierramas East & West enjoyed the first mover advantage as they are the First to market Gated & Guarded Community. Thereafter, Sam Ling Group launched Desa Park City and SP Setia launched Setia Eco Park & a few other projects follow through. However, over the last 5-10 years, the market responded poorly & demand was below expectations as local market was not ready & buyers are not YET willing to pay for the services. However, recently, there is some positive growth.

A semi-dee in Sierramas launched during 1998 priced at RM700K is marketed at RM1.2 million now. The estimated appreciation is 70% or RM50K per year. However, a semi-dee in TTDI which was sold at RM920k during 1998 is presently marketed at RM1.2 million only too. Similar properties in Bangsar are also not enjoying much appreciation now. Many affluent families are moving away from old residential areas to new gated guarded community.

Look like most developers are becoming more & more aware of this trend....we observe....

Residence in Sierramas has only great comments to boast about their gated & guarded homes. Freedom to go around. Peaceful environment. Door un-locked. Emergency panic button. Jogging track, Golf courses, Butterfly farms etc etc...

Obviously, Desa Park City & Setia Eco Park are emulating Sierramas‘s concept. And we expect more similar projects to be launched soon.

All in all, the key factor is always about Tight Security & Peaceful environment for Family members.

Condominium is also considered guarded & gated project. Many purchasers stayed on condominiums based on this sole factor. However, many have been disappointed with the security services & the poor management of these services always arises, whether it is manage by the developer or by the community.

Sierramas, Desa Park City & Setia‘s project includes the services & they are responsible to provide the entire services & are also given the rights to penalize non-paying residence.


We believe the trend is having a Home that provide a peaceful environment to your family. Obviously, it comes with a cost. The question is which one is more important – family or cost?

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