Thursday, June 16, 2011

Seringin Residences Update

Just received SMS from the developer:

Seringin Residences is now open for sale to our privileged registrants at our Sales Gallery ....Please call 03-79806688 ....

Comment as below:
- Have two towers, A and B
- Each floor 12 units
- Price for tower B start from RM650k onwards, for 1500sf++.
- Tower A mostly sold out especially small units, left big units that are more than 2000sf, arounf 2100sf - 2600sf
- Tower A price cheaper, average psf rm410, Tower B price much higher, but feature wise there is no different between Tower A and B
- No freebies, no discount, no furnishe. Only 50% of S&P legal fees and loan document

This developer is seem like super confident on this project. Selling at steep price without any "attractive package". Building facade super normal, nothing fancy. Layout not practical. Just imagine for 2600sf large unit only have 3 bedrooms. For 1500sf and 2100sf, you need to pass through maid/store room in order to go to common toilet....

Best part is they do not provide any parking spaces to customer, even there are plenty of empty parking spaces around the sales gallery. They reserve it for See Hoy Chan boss and all customer need to park at road side :)


  1. Hi Wick,

    This unit is looking nice. The location seems not bad.
    Need to ask u question, >500k house need to pay 20% downpayment?

  2. No lar, usually new house only need to pay 10% or less, depends on developer discount. Some RM1k downpayment also can get.

    Unless you already own >2 houses that still have outstanding loan, then subsequent house need 30% downpayment

  3. Hi Wick,
    what is the developer selling per sq foot? 410 is too cheap for that area and the developer, are you sure?

  4. Cheap? Did I say cheap? Haha... I means Tower A price cheaper than Tower B my fren