Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Property That Target Student Market

Senza @ Bandar Sunway http://dkgroup.com.my/home.html

Nadayu Sunway http://www.mutiaragoodyear.com/dev_u_sunway.html


  1. The Senza look not bad. The location also not bad. Although there will be a lot of student renting but I think it is still a nice place to invest. What do you think, Wick?

  2. A lot of investor like to find those condo/apartment next to college, as it is very very very easy to rent out. However you need to be selective when choosing this type of investment. This property definately not fit for own stay. While for rental, you need to ensure the college do maintain certain level of standard, else they just simply accept any "student which may not student actually". This indirectly impact your property value.

    For SENZA, you need to rent it out at RM3000+- to break even, from your personal experience, do you think the student can afford that?

  3. Ya, correct also. I was thinking for own stay in future actually. However, a lot of people told me that a place near the colleage is not very good to stay as there will be a lot of student renting. Well, then I believe, if I really buy it, it will definately become a Renting House.

    I dun think I am affordable to pay for 3000 rental. However, I believe students in Taylor are affordable.

    Are you interested?