Friday, June 3, 2011

How Does Electricity Bill Hike Impact You?

Recently TNB announce that electricity bill will be increase by 7% this year. How big is this price hike impact to you personally?

Electricity bill in Malaysia is calculated using tier system; the more your electricity consumption, the higher the per unit price. Therefore, this round of price hike will not only impact your monthly utility bill expenses, it will also impact your condominium/apartment.

Electricity bill for a typical condominium in Malaysia will cause around RM15,000 - RM30,000++, depends on the size of the property. With 7% increase of electricity tariff for a RM30,000 monthly bill, it is equal to additional RM 2100 per month, which translated to extra RM25,200 expenses per year !

If this particular condominium account is already in deficit state, this will cause further burden to the management company, which eventually will impact the "quality of maintenance" for this property....

Above sample calculation is real fact that happened to one of my property, this information is share by the JMB to all the owner......

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