Monday, June 6, 2011

Similar Problem - Residents against proposal to build another highrise condo

Residents against proposal to build another highrise condo

Residents of the Contessa Condominium in Kuala Lumpur are concerned about the impact a proposed hillslope project — on the same lot — will have on the area.

Work was going on daily — sometimes even on Sundays.

“I live in direct view of the lot and I could not even open my windows when all these works were taking place because of the dust and noise,” Willie said.

When I saw this news, this is exactly what happened at Park Residence Condo today too. Currently there are heavy construction work carry out at Camelia side, which is facing the Park Residence Condo directly (especially Block B). This have cause "big issues" to the resident over there as the noise pollution level is totally unbearable and exceeding "acceptable level" according to study conducted on site. Worse is the resident do not even dare to open their window or balcony door, because it is way too dusty.

No doubt the view for KL facing unit is better, however the resident have to bear with the unhealthy noise and dust for at least few years. Imagine how can your kids stand it as they are at home most of the time. Therefore it is very important to ensure the land in front of your future property is not vacant or plan for any development....

However this also means that there is opportunity for those "good negotiator" to hunt for those impacted units now due to this construction issues... :)


  1. Bro, find free please come to visit


    feel this condo are undervalue due to kampung perception , but location are wise- located near DU and BU/ One Utama.

  2. Puncak Damansara location is very strategic, near to BU and Uptown. The biggest challenge for this area is the access road and the surrounding. In order for the property to further appreciate, it need some big corporation or government to "rebuild" the area, else people will always have "kampung" perception of this. The best example is Kg Kerinchi, UOA + YTL + Government is slowly transform the Kg Kerinchi to one of the most sought after area.

  3. Thanks for the sharing. Glomac bought 6acre land 100 away Puncak Damansara Condo.

    Source say they want to build a service apartment + office blot. Launching on 2012; min RM500 psf; will it increase the Puncak Damansara Condo as well?

    Thx in advance for your reply and comment.

  4. Very good info, thanks for the update
    I guess this is what you refer to

    Let me post it here