Thursday, September 9, 2010

Property 101 - Some Tips....

In property investment, you will engage with real estate agent when buy or sell your house. Therefore it is quite important for you to understand how real estate company function to ensure you cut the cake in your favour.

Real estate company make living by completing a sales between Buyer and Seller. They take certain percentage from the total sales value. Usually between 2-3%. Out of this 2-3% of commission, 1-2% will go to the property agent pocket.

For example if a property transaction close at RM100k, then the commission charge to Seller will be around RM3000. The real estate company may take up RM1500, and RM1500 will be given to the property agent. This means, property agent main interest is to close the deal.

Let's assume there is a situation below
- Seller A want to sell his house at RM500,000
- Buyer B want to buy the house at RM450,000
- The commission charge to Seller is 3%
- The commission earn by the property agent is 1.5%

If the deal is close at RM500,000, then agent will get RM7500 as commission
If the deal is close at RM450,000, then agent will get RM6750 as commission
If the Seller and Buyer cannot reach an agreement on the price, then the property agent will get RM0 as commission.

By the way, property agent is also kind of professional mind reader when come to property. The face different kind of Seller and Buyer everyday, and they easily can see which party is interested and which is not.

For situation above, if Seller A is eager to sell than Buyer B, this can easily spot by the property agent. As the agent mission is to close the deal, the property agent will try to convince the Seller sell at lower price so the Buyer will get interested. Even though it means the property agent will get lower commission, but it is OK for them as they rather earn slightly lower commission at RM6750 than get RM0 commission. smart when you deal with the property agent .... always remember that they are mind reader.... when you hear thing like this below, think twice before you register it into your mind

- Someone already make an offer to buy this house, if you seriously want it, please pay the booking fee now so I can reserve for you .
- There are many people interested in this unit, act fast if you want it.
- Not many people interested, you need to lower your asking price.
- You house condition is so bad, your asking price is very difficult to get.

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