Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Property 101 - Celiling Height

Recently I learn something new in property renovation - Ceiling Height. I found out that Ceiling Height is something quite important that I should have pay more attention.

I visited Opal Damansara @ Sunway Damansara and Sterling PJ @ Kelana Jaya recently. Both condominium are about same size 1400sf++. While Opal Damansar is selling at higher price (>RM100k) Sterling PJ.

However when I went into unit at Opal Damansara, i does not look like 1400sf condo at all. It look like 1200sf condo to me instead of 1400sf house. After spend some times to inspect the house, finally I notice why..............ceiling height.

Opal Damansara ceiling height is 9ft, while Sterling PJ is 11ft. The different of 2ft make Sterling PJ look more spacious, and more bright. Worse is owner at Opal Damansara will have difficulty to put on plaster ceiling in their condo, as plaster ceiling will take away another 1ft height, and it will make the house much more smaller.
Lesson learn is when scout for property for own stay in future, is better to ensure the ceiling height is at least 10ft and above...

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