Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Property 101 - Professional Negotiator

Have you ever encounter situation below:

You as Buyer
You would like to buy a house and the owner insist on the selling price. Eventually you only manage to get RM10k discount for a RM700k house?

You as Seller
You would like to sell your house at RM500k, but end up selling at RM450k after few round of negotiation with the buyer?

WHY SO ???
Why when you are buyer, the seller only willing to give you small discount even you have try hard to get more discount? Why when you are seller, the buyer only offer to buy the house with much lower price?

The answer is simple, not everyone of us are good negotiator.

We may good at certain skill, but not all skills including negotiation.

Have you ever think, if there is someone you can employ to negotiate on behalf of you, and you will be able to get additional RM50k discount when you buy a house, or you will be able to sell your house with extra RM50k?

This job is something new in the property market, and not everyone ready to accept this kind of concept.
- First is people tend to think they are good negotiator.
- Second is people tend to trust the agent more (Will write some article about this later).
- Third is people is not willing to pay for this service.

If you are the person, and the negotiator is charging you RM10k to represent you, and he can help you to earn extra RM50k or get extra RM50k discount, are you willing to pay for his/her service? Will you???

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