Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Investment in Swiftlet Farm - Opss !

Since few years ago, swiftlet investment is SUPER HOT in Malaysia. If go to any suburban area, you easily spot there are many 3-4 storey houses built with many small holes, like the one below.

In fact, many people purposely buy existing/newly build 3 storey shop and convert it into swiftlet house. At one stage, there are even company that offer swiftlet investment scheme which you can own some share of swiftlet farm ( Based on "insider news", those "success" swiftlet houses able to earn 5 figure salary every month, btw, tax free. 1kg of bird nest can sell for RM4-5k, and they are able to harvest few kg per of bird nest per month. This attractive figure make every uncle and auntie also rush into swiftlet investment.

Based on report, Malaysia exported rm1 billion of bird nest in year 2011, mainly to China.

But, this business recently hits hard by new ruling from China government. The immediate impact due to this cause bird nest price drop 22% to rm3k per kg. If there is no workaround for this issues, this will cause great impact to those auntie and uncle, and the rm 1 billion business....

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