Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Can't Accept Lor...

Every week there are new properties launch, especially this year. Ah Tom, Ah Dick and Ah Harry also rush to launch new project......

Lot of these new launching are selling at price that I never imagine before. I don't know why the developer set the price at this level and what made them so confident of their property, but this is the reality now:

- Mah Sing Icon City (Sg Way) 700sf++ SOVO selling for RM600k
- See Hoy Chan Seringin Residences (OUG) 1500sf++ condo selling at RM650k onwards
- Akisama 288 Residences (Kuchai Lama) 1400sf++ condo selling at RM600k
- Sunway Velocity V Residence (Jln Peel) 900sf++ condo selling at RM880k

Personally, I still cannot accept the fact I need to pay such price to buy such property at such location. But don't be surprise there are quite a number of people stand opposite me, and willing to pay such price buying such property at such location.

There are only two choices:

Choice 1: Accept the fact, this is the market price now and we are at era that RM 1 mil can only buy you a landed double storey. So better start stock up before the price go higher...

Choice 2: Keep saying the price is crazy, wait for the market to cool down and hope the price will reduce to the level you think acceptable then only shoot your bullet...

What say you?

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  1. same here, can't accept it either. Think the market has gone bananas just like our government... lol