Sunday, January 2, 2011

Found a "Short Cut" in Property Investment

Is start of another new year - 2011. I try to refresh my memory on those property investment mistake I have made in the past, and what I could have done better. Seriously, after I count it, there are quite  a number of mistakes I have "committed", aiks....there is still long way to learn to be really a master in this...

One of the "mistake" I have made is "miss out" investment opportunity for "YTL Midfields". I was in the launch during that day, which is super packed, as the developer offer good discount for the first batch buyer. If I am not wrong, is about 7-8% discount, and price around RM200k per unit.
I decided not to invest there as the area is less desired, near Salak South, leasehold land, nearby high tension cable and next to highway (noise).
NOW, I revisit the place, the condo is almost complete and I am actually quite impress with the outlook, it look nice. Heard that the property now hitting around RM400k++ !!! Is double the sales price, and few thousand percent of ROI if you calculate it based on investment capital putting in (low down payment)
So, why I can miss out such good investment opportunity during that time? I recalled whenever there is new property launch, I will visit the sales gallery, do site survey, evaluate the pro and con for each property. Usually, there will be more con than pro, and this hesitation make me "stop" from investing from certain good MidFields is one of them.

So, now, how can I avoid repeat the same mistake like this again in future? I can't simply whack without research right?
After trace back all the investment record, property launch history, I found one shortcut for good investment. Instead of research yourself, just put your faith in "well known" and reputable developer hand, like YTL. By seeing the history, most of YTL property will double upon completion. Few example as Midfields, LakeEdge Puchong, Sentul Tamarind & Saffron, Pantai Centrio and so forth. "You come, you see, you invest", just whack it.


  1. does that mean you're going to whack capers soon? ^^

  2. sale price for CAPERS not known yet?

  3. Definitely need to yam cha with you soon :)

  4. If got bullet, I will buy it, small unit for investment o big unit for own stay, cause I prefer stay at Condo than landed :D

  5. which other developer have the same credibility like this YTL that can come, see & buy?

  6. UOA also not bad, but they price their property quite high especially after the first phase launch.