Friday, January 7, 2011

Centrestage Section 13 PJ

Visited the sales office, the office is way too quiet than a normal property launch. Usually a hot property will be snap within hours, but this one is not.

Selling at RM233k for 302sf unit, un-furnish, no discount or any special gift. Some more is a new developer is this property industry also selling at this kind of price, I guess people rather invest in Empire City.
Furthermore there at 31 unit per floor, serve by only 3 lifts, I can't imagine how long you need to wait for lift...


  1. Their 1st phase is 98% sold...ppl are so crazy of properties now, be it hot or not...better just get one unit b4 it is snapped up....come a few months and check on it...all 100% is bought

  2. If this one also sold out, I want to re-post my "Best Job In Market" article. Is not agent, is property developer. You simply plan a project and gurantee sold out !!!!

  3. In fact, you are damn right, property developer are making huge of money nowadays.